Integrative Kundalini Yoga Class


Unblock vertebrae paths releasing stagnated energy from Internal Organs!

WARNING: Side effects may include lower levels of stress and anxiety, increased productivity, higher sex-drive, drastic increase in functional lifespan, better memory, and a more pleasant personality.

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  • Acquiring knowledge and its principles
  • Stop being just a receptacle of knowledge
  • Digest and assimilate
  • Practice the art with respect and responsibility
  • Make the vital force part of your Being
  • Honor its origins and trajectory
  • Be thankful to our ancestors for carrying this knowledge forward with Love


  • Practicing the six (6) branches of knowledge: generosity, ethics, patience,
    perseverance, concentration and wisdom.
  • Enter the site with respect and without Ego
  • Pride and jealousy are most challenging to recognize
  • Bow when you enter or exit the learning space
  • Sit on a cushion, floor, or on a chair below the instructor
  • Do not lie or point your feet to the instructor
  • Do not cross your arms
  • Do not eat during the sessions
  • Be blessed in your practice of Dharma

The integration of Evolutionary Yoga, Chi Kung and Meditation

Integrative Kundalini Yoga
In the Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci integrates mathematics, religion, philosophy, architecture & artistic skill.
Form, Function & Beauty

Form, Function & Beauty
  • Activates biomagnetism and sex energy
  • Aligns our bodies with the larger body for effortless flow of information
  • Balances the flow of cellular intelligence and cellular metabolism
  • Balances neural activity, blood & lymph flow, and muscular contraction
  • Corrects cumulative body structural displacement
  • Enhance the functions of nutrition, immunity and tissue repair
  • Facilitates cellular communication throughout the living matrix
  • Improves coordination and coherent signals
  • Improves gravitational biology, joint alignment & structural integration
  • Improves oxygenation and vitality
  • Improves "perineural*" connective tissue regulating neuron activity
  • Increases cell growth, DNA & protein synthesis, and cell respiration
  • Increases functions of flexibility, movement and strength
  • Increases density of collagen fibers in all body tissues
  • Increases Theta healing brain wave (4-7Hz)
  • Influences cellular immune function
  • Promotes all neurological responses
  • Promotes balance of sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous system
  • Provides collective electromagnetic coherent pulse for self-healing
  • Provides progressive alignment to body and gene structure
  • Provide body facial structural support & protection: enhanced tensegrity
    * the perineurium is the connective tissue layer surrounding the nervous system
Integrative Kundalini Yoga

Empower and Align your spinal cord to evolve!

Integrative Kundalini Yoga

Integrative Kundalini Yoga is a physical and meditative discipline, comprising a set of simple techniques that uses the mind, senses and body to create a communication between body, emotions, mind, and spirit (energy). Integrative Kundalini yoga focuses on the body's potential for maturation, giving special consideration to the role of the Spinal Column, Autonomic Nervous System and the Endocrine System.

No prior experience needed. No requirements to participate.

Reach your true potential, energizing the spine channels, eliminate toxins, clean your lymphatic system and spiritual channels.

Every one is invited, from those who have never practiced yoga, to expert instructors.

Includes: The principles of Kundalini Yoga, asana and meditation, active and passive cycles, clean energy overload and 37 asana sequence.

Integrative Kundalini Yoga
Orosi, Costa Rica

Kundalini Yoga is represented as a serpent, located near the base of the spine which awakens with specific breathing movements and raises our energy potential through the channels of Ida and Pingala.

The benefits of practicing Kundalini Yoga are immediate, at the:

  • Physically level, it activates the lymphatic system removing toxins from the body, activates the parasympathetic system enabling self-healing.
  • Emotional level, converts past lessons into positive results, eliminating accumulation of emotional pain, the primary factor of disease.
  • Mental level, it puts us on the here-and-now allowing mental silence and peace, therefore our intuition isrevealed allowing evolution.
  • Spiritual level, it prepares and separates our four bodies guiding our connection to our spiritual channel, the observer.

Gradually your life will transformed into abundance, happiness, health, and harmony.

[ For more information on Kundalini Yoga ]

Bring: Yoga Mat, blocks, sheepskin, yoga bolster (zafu), towel, comfortable clothing, handkerchief and water.

Integrative Chi Kung
Krama Yoga, Costa Rica
Integrative Kundalini Yoga
eBook English/Español

Integrative Kundalini Yoga eBook available Itegrative Chi Kung eBook
(eBook English Edition)
Integrating "Step-by-Step" the Foundation and
Practical Application of Integrative Chi Kung
For Instructor Certification


Meditation Bolster (Zafu)

Integrative Kundalini Yoga

The "Buckwheat husk" or "Sorghum" is considered firm by most people; This pillow (Zafu) is full of Buckwheat husk and can be decompressed if necessary by removing some of the Buckwheat husk to make it softer and more malleable as a support.

Cylinders are a favorite for multiple applications. Buckwheat husk is light, malleable and more easily conforms to the shape of each individual. Like sitting on the sand, it is molded to your shape. We fill the zafu with natural Buckwheat husk, so that it does not collapse after a few sessions.

The cylindrical Zafu measures 14 "x 6" x 6 "inches.

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Two Words, One Meaning

Namaste or Namaskar in the Indian tradition means "I honor the spirit of the universe that dwells in you, the Peace and Love. When you and I are in that place, we are one".

Aloha in Hawaiian means "I honor the presence of the essence of life that we share".

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