Integrative Meditation Workshop


The Way of the ARHAT, how to meditate in one breath!

WARNING: Side effects may include lower levels of stress and anxiety, increased productivity, higher sex-drive, drastic increase in functional lifespan, better memory, and a more pleasant personality.

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  • Acquiring knowledge and its principles
  • Stop being just a receptacle of knowledge
  • Digest and assimilate
  • Practice the art with respect and responsibility
  • Make the vital force part of your Being
  • Honor its origins and trajectory
  • Be thankful to our ancestors for carrying this knowledge forward with Love


  • Practicing the six (6) branches of knowledge: generosity, ethics, patience,
    perseverance, concentration and wisdom.
  • Enter the site with respect and without Ego
  • Pride and jealousy are most challenging to recognize
  • Bow when you enter or exit the learning space
  • Sit on a cushion, floor, or on a chair below the instructor
  • Do not lie or point your feet to the instructor
  • Do not cross your arms
  • Do not eat during the sessions
  • Be blessed in your practice of Dharma

The integration of Evolutionary Yoga, Chi Kung & Meditation

Integrative Meditation
In the Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci integrates mathematics, religion, philosophy, architecture & artistic skill.
Form, Function & Beauty
  • Activates biomagnetism and sex energy
  • Aligns our bodies with the larger body for effortless flow of information
  • Balances the flow of cellular intelligence and cellular metabolism
  • Balances neural activity, blood & lymph flow, and muscular contraction
  • Corrects cumulative body structural displacement
  • Enhance the functions of nutrition, immunity and tissue repair
  • Facilitates cellular communication throughout the living matrix
  • Improves coordination and coherent signals
  • Improves gravitational biology, joint alignment & structural integration
  • Improves oxygenation and vitality
  • Improves "perineural*" connective tissue regulating neuron activity
  • Increases cell growth, DNA & protein synthesis, and cell respiration
  • Increases functions of flexibility, movement and strength
  • Increases density of collagen fibers in all body tissues
  • Increases Theta healing brain wave (4-7Hz)
  • Influences cellular immune function
  • Promotes all neurological responses
  • Promotes balance of sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous system
  • Provides collective electromagnetic coherent pulse for self-healing
  • Provides progressive alignment to body and gene structure
  • Provide body facial structural support & protection: enhanced tensegrity
    * the perineurium is the connective tissue layer surrounding the nervous system
Integrative Meditation

Short meditation and even shorter
The way of the Arhat, how to meditate in one breath!

Integrative Meditation

Instructor with more than 45 years of experience
Bilingüe / Bilingual
Certification of participation for 12 hours of Theory and Practice

Saturday 9am-4pm & Sunday 9am-4pm
Two(2) day workshop, Investment $200/person – Early bird: $170

This workshop is a prerequisite to participate in the "Integrative Meditation Advanced-Level, Integrative Subtle Energy Healing, and Integrative Kundalini Syndrome Treatment" workshops

No prior experience needed. No requirements to participate
None of "Empty your Mind" stuff!

Practical tools of Awareness, Understanding, Disassociation and Reconditioning to achieve consciousness. Observe your thoughts and actions so that you can live from true choice in the present moment rather than being run by past programming. We are all capable of reaching enlightenment and becoming Bodhisattvas.

Integrative Meditation
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Prānāyāma techniques, step by step, driving your four bodies towards evolution.
The difference between Meditation and Purification.

Evolutionary Yoga Meditation - Three Kayas
Dharmakaya (stillness)
Sambhogakaya (silence) and
Nirmanakaya (spaciousness)

Learn how
Anxiety = Uncertainty (what you don’t know) x Powerlessness (what you cannot influence)
Determination = Courage (less fear) ÷ Doubt (less self-esteem)
Happiness = Wanting what you have (Gratitude) ÷ Having what you want (pursue gratification)

Be the architect of your own life transformation.

  • Disperse the obstructions generated by ignorance, attachment and hate
  • Free yourself from Karma
  • Wake-up your Bodhicitta thought action, feeling and word
Integrative Meditation
Teaching Advanced Integrated Meditation Muktì Yoga, Santa Ana, Costa Rica


  • Action is the way to change what is established
  • Generosity is non-attachment
  • Patience is humility
  • Wisdom is seeing through appearances
  • Five basic levels of Meditation:
    • Confidence in the awakening of Prana and Kundalini
    • External control over creative Vital Energy
    • Deliberate practice of integrative consciousness
    • Internal Control of Vital Energy between Water and Fire
    • Techniques to overcome natural inhibitions

The Way Out, is In!

Bring: Yoga Mat, sheepskin, Meditation Bolste (Zafu), water, comfortable clothing and handkerchief.

Lunch is not included!

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Integrative Meditation

The way of the Arhat, how to meditate in one breath!

Integrative Meditation

Instructor with more than 45 years of experience
Bilingüe / Bilingual

Where does new knowledge lie yet to be discovered?
It lies in the unknown future, that's why it's New!


Workshop for people with 9 times more Courage than Fear,
more Curiosity than Ego,
and able to empty its Cup!


This workshop is a prerequisite to participate in the
"Integrative Subtle Energy Healing and Integrative Kundalini Syndrome Treatment" workshops

Integrative Meditation
Foam Tube

More advanced Techniques and subtle Tools to continue evolving:

  1. Ida, Pingala & Sushumna Nadis (Allostasis)
    Can you control the energy of your Ida, Pingala & Sushumna nadis? Do you know how to differentiate these energies? Can you modulate their energy at will? Can you independently increase / decrease their energy flow?
  2. Nasal Passage management
    Do you know that for the practice of Advanced Meditation it is essential to be able to open and close each nostril passage independently? Do you know the technique of how to successfully bring about this control?
  3. Integrative Meditation
    Sukasana with Zafu
  4. Sympathetic & Parasympathetic nervous system management
    Do you know how to distinguish the state of your nervous system? Do you apply the techniques to change from Sympathetic to Parasympathetic state and vice versa?
  5. Alignment of Bone structure between the Sacrum & the Skull with Zafu
    Do you apply techniques to optimize your ground connection through your structure? How do you know you are connected or not? Do you know how to measure the intensity of the connection?
  6. Three(3) part Evolutionary Breathing (not "Yogic Breathing")
    Do you manage your three(3) diaphragms during breathing looking to activate evolutionary energy? Are you clear about the differences between Yogic and Evolutionary Breathing?
  7. Meditacion Integrada
  8. The use of Hypopressives
    Do you apply Hypopressives in your daily practice? Do you know what these exercises are at the respiratory and postural level that allow the decrease in intra-abdominal pressure?
  9. The Mantra A-O-U-M
    Do you apply mantras in your daily practice? Do you know the reason for the use of Mantras in Meditation?
  10. The importance of Nitric Oxide
    Do you know how to enhance the production of Nitric Oxide in your body and therefore enhance your Immune System?
  11. Connection to Earth's & Ionosphere's energy
    Do you use Schumann Resonance as a way to modulate your brain waves? Do you connect through the Schumann Resonance to other people?
  12. Enhancing the Forth State of Water
    Do you use the polarity of your 4th State of Water? Do you know the importance of this polarity?
  13. Integrative Meditation
  14. The Way of the Extraordinary Meridians "Du-Mai" sea of Yang (Governing Vessel) and "Ren-Mai" sea of Yin (Conception Vessel)
    Do you apply the Du-Mai/Ren-Mai Extraordinary Meridians to your Meditation? Are you able to read the energy and interpret the information delivered? Do you apply the Tongue to the Du-Mai/Ren-Mai path?
  15. The Alchemy of Mingmen, "Nurturing Destiny" L2-L3, Governing Vessel 4
    Did you know that Situated between the kidneys, mingmen provides the mechanism for the infusion of all physiological dualities in a way that creates life, fuels evolution and allows you to manifest your destiny?
  16. The participation of the Perineum or Pelvic Floor
    Do you locate and manage the Perineum or Pelvic Floor in your daily practice? Do you know its relationship with the nervous system and the Du-Mai/Ren-Mai meridians?
  17. Integrative Meditation
  18. Micro-Meditation, the path to the origin of life & absolute stillness
    Do you apply Micro-Meditation techniques? Do you have the ability to reach a state of absolute calm in one(1) breath? Do you return to the Void as the original source of creation and why is this key?
  19. Secrets of Vacuum Engineering that allow you to become an Absolute Meditator in One Breath
    Are you open to start a journey of subtle ancestral knowledge and continue to evolve?
  20. Awareness/Consciousness three aspects of a single process (3+1) brings about the fusion into complete nonduality. Do you integrate (3+1) into your meditation and your daily life?
  21. Meditacion Integrada
  22. Telomere, is the end of a chromosome. Repetitive sequence of non-coding DNA of the chromosome that protect from any damage. Every time a cell divides, telomeres shorten.

If you don't know or can't execute or apply these techniques, this workshop is for you.

As preparation read the page on Nasal Congestion

It is necessary to be in Fasting mode for this workshop (no breakfast)

Bring: Yoga Mat, Zafu (meditation cushion) or Yoga Block, water, handkerchief, comfortable clothes and Foam Tube cut to 5"or 12cm long

[ For more information on Meditation ]

Meditation Bolster (Zafu)

Integrative Meditation

The "Buckwheat husk" or "Sorghum" is considered firm by most people; This pillow (Zafu) is full of Buckwheat husk and can be decompressed if necessary by removing some of the Buckwheat husk to make it softer and more malleable as a support.

Cylinders are a favorite for multiple applications. Buckwheat husk is light, malleable and more easily conforms to the shape of each individual. Like sitting on the sand, it is molded to your shape. We fill the zafu with natural Buckwheat husk, so that it does not collapse after a few sessions.

The cylindrical Zafu measures 14 "x 6" x 6 "inches.

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Two Words, One Meaning

Namaste or Namaskar in the Indian tradition means "I honor the spirit of the universe that dwells in you, the Peace and Love. When you and I are in that place, we are one".

Aloha in Hawaiian means "I honor the presence of the essence of life that we share".

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