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Education of Vital Energy (Chi) Management
Coherent action to make this world a more livable place

Integrative Chi Kung, Shen Kung, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Nutrition
to reduce stress and increase Beauty, Joy and Health
Own your Life!

What is the Institute of Integrative Chi Kung?

"Integrative" = The process of establishing meaning in the world with words (to self and others) that come from the heart. Only the Heart is capable of manifesting Destiny.

The daily goal is to have Health and Happiness. We know that we have four(4) bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Energy (spiritual). These four(4) bodies maintain an appropriate balance (allostasis) of neuroplasticity (adaptation) to achieve Survival & Growth in Health and Happiness.

Achieving Survival & Growth are subject to several factors:

  1. Legacy ― DNA & Innate Immune System (inherited)
  2. Where we were born ― Family, Community, Religion and Culture (parental)
  3. Our knowledge ― What we learnt from life (acquired)
  4. Adaptation to daily life ― Four(4) bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Energy (Adaptive Immune System, neuroplasticity―Wei Qi)

We understand that "life" = bioelectricity is the energy that gives us and sustains life.

"Chi Kung" is a methodology for the administration of "quantum vital life force energy", Chi ≈ "energy" (transmutation of energy and matter) and Kung = "administration", therefore, the "mastery for the administration of life energy."

The integration of each factor influencing our four(4) bodies is essential to maintain health and happiness, hence the name "Integrative Chi Kung".

Our daily work to survive is a constant adaptation (neuroplasticity) to the changing physical, emotional, mental and energetic realities to develop a Resistant Inmune Sysytem. To achieve allostasis it is necessary to educate ourselves in the use and practice of tools applicable to each individual. We develop physical maturity, emotional maturity, mental maturity and energetic or spiritual maturity, through the mastery of tools resulting from a deep search, work and study, achieving a relevant integration applicable to daily life.

Modern engineering science explains that, "the purpose of health is to have a resilient Immune System", within allostasis there is stress, a systematic learning and, adaptation to change. Building resilience Immune System is the path to health. (Hormesis)

In 1960, up to 95% of doctor visits were for infection diseases, acute injury or child birth; only 5% were for stress related health disorders. In 2005, up to 95% of doctor visits were for inflammation and autoimmune related stress disorders. 1

In 2019, up to 70-90% of all doctor visits are stress related. Things like, anxiety, insomnia, concentration issues, hormonal problems, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure, can have stress as the root driver. 2

Stress [Medical Definition]: The sum of the biological reactions [adaptation] to any adverse stimulus, physical, chemical, emotional or mental, internal or external, that tends to disturb the organisms homeostasis. Should these compensating reactions be inadequate or inappropriate, they may lead to disorders.

Reference: (1) USA Today March 22, 2005, (2) Dr. Rangan Chatterjee CNN December 20, 2019

Chi Kung is the best Stress Management System created in the last 4,700 years.
It is time to discover it!

Learn the simplicity of integrative breathing, structural alignment, grounding, meditation, nutrition and healing to evolve and thrive your potential into coherent harmony with the energy of the Universe. This message is about rejuvenating at the deepest level, recreating one's internal and external appearance. Different techniques fuel different types of thoughts, different potentials for success and different destinies in the joy of life.

The manifestation of our genetic and energy (spiritual) blueprint is a result of whatever we absorb, assimilate and eliminate. Integrative Chi Kung, Kundalini Yoga, Advanced Meditation and Conscious Nutrition, as well other techniques are tools to create a balance energy flow in coherent harmony to give you charisma, charm and magnetism, key factors for beauty-building, joy and health.

Find your authentic flow.
Inside each of us there is one true authentic flow.
Something we were born with,
something that's ours and ours alone.
Something that can't be taught or learned,
something that is remembered

People are trapped by emotions, desires, fears, attachments and other "enemies" that the mind creates. These mental traps are usually just shadows of one's recklessness. However, when the mind becomes strong, clear and balanced all so called internal and external "enemies" vanish. On the spiritual level, there are no real confinements other than those which we create.

Integrative Chi Kung
Kojosho philosophy embraces the inseparable bond between martial application & artistic expression. In war, the soul becomes the warrior. In peace, the soul becomes the artist. I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new.

The ancient Chinese understanding of the Physical, Emotional, Mental & Energy (spiritual) transformation occurring within the formation of the universe and the human body laid the foundation for modern "Traditional Chinese Medicine."

Mastering "quantum vital life force energy" enhances inner tissues which become visible externally in the warm, vivid, youthful freshness of the hair, nails and skin. This leads to feeling incredible in each moment in limitless joy, beauty, health and increasing longevity.

The simple and direct information provided can be immediately used. It is a path toward beauty that can only be described as "magical". The techniques are vibrant, the journey entertaining and the experience full of adventure of pure natural life. Nature is always on the side of health and beauty.

Integrative knowledge brings each person into a more perfect alignment with the natural inner self resulting in balance, health, evolution, joy and beauty. The knowledge we share are derived from the integration of the primary Hatha-Yoga sources inheritors of the Tantrik tradition, The eight(8) dualistic philosophy disciplines codified by Patanjali, the Tantrik tradition, the Recognition philosophy of Nondual Śaiva Tantra from Rājānaka Kşemarāja, Kundalinī-Śakti, Schumann Resonances and Hans Berger, the philosophy of Lao Tzu (Taoism), the Tibetan traditions, and Nassim Haramein Unified Physics, the fundamental organizing intelligence of Embodied Consciousness (Gheranda-samhitā).

Applying techniques from Integrative Chi Kung, Integrative Kundalini Yoga, Integrative Advanced Meditation and Integrative Conscious Nutrition we access Integrative Subtle Energy Healing.

These Energy Medicine methods are uniquely valuable directed to develop the kundalini, accelerating obtainment of human "quantum vital life force energy" balance and conscious fulfillment of man's purpose and destiny.

One of the most efficient Stress Management System ever created. With easy gentle movements, visualizations and guided imagery, regeneration of every organ and cell is possible. It is taught for health maintenance, beauty, joy, longevity, and energy (spiritual) benefits.

Integrative Jing-Chi-Shen Kung encompasses all components of life which in synergy balance Quantum Vital Life Force Energy influencing coherent harmony creation of our four(4) bodies: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Energy(Spiritual). The path to Beauty, Joy and Health requires mastering methods that complement and support each other in synergy:

Acupuncture Jing Kung Shen Kung
Apitherapy Kundalini Yoga Shi Pai Sho
Ayurveda Advanced Meditation Sungazing
Chi Kung Nutrition Stress Management
Detoxing Pranayama Tai Chi
Earthing Shank PrakShalana Urinotherapy
Essential Oils Shank PrakShalana Yin & Yang Yoga

Which faculty is it that opens and shuts the eyes, and turns them away from improper objects? Is it the faculty of sight? No, but that of Will. Which is it that opens and shuts the ears? Which is it by which they are made curious and inquisitive; or, on the contrary, deaf and unaffected by what is said? Is it the faculty of hearing? No, but that of Will. ~ Epictetus

Books don't make you intelligent,
Coaches don't make you rich,
Doctors don't make you healthy,
Planets don't define your destiny,
Teachers don't make you learn,
Trainers don't make you fit.
Eventually you will realize that building a Resiliet Immune System is your Responsibility!

Take Control of your Growth, your Joy and your Health!

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Integrative Chi Kung Integrative Chi Kung
"The highest form of ignorance is when you accept or reject something you don't know anything about.   Inform yourself before judging." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer