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The Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet

We bear witness to loneliness, free-floating anxiety, and fear giving way to censorship, loss of privacy, and surrendered freedoms. It is all spurred by a singular, focused crisis narrative that forbids dissident views and relies on destructive groupthink.

Totalitarianism is not a coincidence and does not form in a vacuum. It arises from a collective psychosis that has followed a predictable script throughout history, its formation gaining strength and speed with each generation―from the Jacobins to the Nazis and Stalinists―as technology advances. Governments, mass media, and other mechanized forces use fear, loneliness, and isolation to demoralize populations and exert control, persuading large groups of people to act against their own interests, always with destructive results.

In The Psychology of Totalitarianism, world-renowned Professor of Clinical Psychology Mattias Desmet deconstructs the societal conditions that allow this collective psychosis to take hold. By looking at our current situation and identifying the phenomenon of "mass formation"―a type of collective hypnosis―he clearly illustrates how close we are to surrendering to totalitarian regimes.

Hidden Dangers 5G: How governments, telecom and electric power utilities suppress the truth about the known hazards of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation by Capt Jerry G Flynn

Captain Jerry Flynn exposes exposes the truth and dangers of 5G and EMF. All households should own this book, everyone needs to read it. 5G harms/kills all biological life. 5G is a weapon, the documents show it's established it's a weapon and there are many scientists and weapon experts campaigning against it. Hundreds of scientists and medical doctors have signed appeal to EU urging a moratorium on 5G until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry.

Some cities and countries have banned 5G but it's till getting rolled out everywhere else. People need to waken up fast and take action to stop 5G in their own area and this book will explain all the dangers and the available thousands of emf peer reviewed studies that shows how harmful microwave radiation frequencies are. Symptoms of the flu are almost identical to electromagnetic radiation poisoning which may explain viruses and another book I highly recommend is the The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg.

Integrative Chi Kung eBook English Edition
Integrative Chi Kung

This ebook is genuinely eye-opening. It is an advanced comprehensive text focusing on the integration of Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Current Western Science energy management models. It is highly useful to add to the more advanced library of complementary medicine.

Provides a complete detailed analysis of the components of Chi Kung that can be applied to everyday practice. His approach provides extra information needed to treat an energy imbalance, rather than symptoms alone. The author combines the things we learn, the way we interpret the world, and the make-up we bring to it, is practical and applicable.

There are other books out there, but few that have an easy to read format for both students and patients. This is a must read for anyone who desires to learn and understand the core of energy management. This ebook is an essential component to mastering Chi Kung.

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Acupuncture Chart

"One of the most accurate and detailed acupuncture chat I've found on the web — truly professional"

  • high quality artwork
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Chi Kung Books
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Our Professional Acupuncture Chart shows an accurate location of all points. The chart is 36" x 36" and has heavy lamination. Detailed illustrations allow for precise location of points, whether located in reference to bone landmarks, muscular landmarks, or with accurately scaled traditional measurements.

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The 5 Biological Laws and Dr. Hamer's New Medicine by Andrea Taddei

The Germanic New Medicine® discovered by Dr.Ryke Geerd Hamer and systematized in the 5 Biological Laws represents a change in the understanding of what is commonly called a disease. The Germanic New Medicine is not a new method of treatment but the understanding of natural laws applicable to humans and animals.

German New Medicine (GNM), developed by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., operates under the premise that every disease, including cancer, originates from an unexpected shock experience.

The discovery came after Dr. Hamer, the former head internist in the oncology clinic at the University of Munich, Germany, lost his son in an unexpected tragedy, then developed testicular cancer. The diagnosis led him to study the connection between stressful events and disease by investigating the histories of his cancer patients.

He found that, like himself, every one of his patients had gone through a very stressful episode prior to developing cancer, and, upon investigating other diseases found that every disease is controlled from its own specific area in the brain and linked to a very particular, identifiable, "conflict shock."

GNM is based of five biological laws that apply scientifically to each and every case of disease. They include:

  1. Every disease is caused by a conflict shock that catches an individual completely off guard.
  2. Provided there is a resolution of the conflict, every disease proceeds in two phases, a conflict-active phase and a healing phase.
  3. Ties the findings of the first two laws into the context of embryology and the evolution of man. It illustrates the biological correlation between the psyche, the brain, and the organ from an evolutionary point of view.
  4. Addresses the role of microbes in the context of evolution and in relation to the three germ layers from which our organs originate. Microbes are indispensable to your survival.
  5. Every so-called disease has to be understood as a "meaningful special biological program of nature" created to solve an unexpected biological conflict.

Further, Dr. Hamer believes that a person cannot die of cancer in and of itself.

If someone dies during the conflict-active phase of disease, he says, it's because of energy loss, weight loss, sleep deprivation, and emotional and mental exhaustion. The stress of receiving a cancer diagnosis, or being given a negative prognosis, is often enough to deprive a person of their life-force. Conventional cancer treatments only accelerate the downward spiral.

While trying to publicize his findings, Dr. Hamer has been persecuted and harassed by German and French authorities. He is now living in exile in Spain where he is continuing his fight for official recognition of GNM

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman

This book, written by a well-known scientist with a background in biophysics and biology brings together evidence from a range of disciplines to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all therapies. It addresses a growing interest in the field of mind-body medicine and the role of natural "energy forces" within the body in maintaining normal health and wellbeing. This in turn has lead to interest in how these energies or forces may be channelled to assist in healing and the restoration of normal health.

From the Publisher Energy Medicine provides an exciting and challenging read for anyone who may be interested in or curious about the therapeutic aspects of energy. It provides a stimulus to discussion among both the sceptics and those who are already convinced of the healing potential of body energy.

About the Author James L Oschman, PhD, Previously Postdoctoral Fellow, Neurobiology Lab, VA Hospital, Pittsburgh; Visiting Scientist, Dept of Zoology, Cambridge University, UK; Postdoctoral Fellow, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio; Postdoctoral Fellow Inst of Biological Chemistry, University of Copenhagen; Asst Prof of Biological Sciences and Director of Electron Microscope Lab, Northwestern University, Illinois; faculty member and lecturer in anatomy and physiology at Rolf Institute, Boulder, Colorado; served as Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Acting President and member of Faculty at New England School of Acupuncture.

Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance by James L. Oschman

Focusing on the wealth of information emerging in the area of energy medicine, this unique resource explores mechanisms by which mind and body processes influence the body's healing and performance potential. Content draws on an extraordinary range of sources to explore theories of human energy - from physiology and biophysics, to examples drawn from the realms of "spontaneous healing," cutting-edge athletic and artistic performance, the martial arts, and various contemplative and spiritual practices. Providing new insights and theoretical models, it offers ways to apply these concepts directly, practically, and clinically.

Provides an understanding of the nature of energy medicine by exploring science and common experience

  • Explains complex scientific concepts in ways that are both vivid and easy to grasp
  • Connects abstract theories with practical applications
  • Addresses technical detail in a manner that allows readers from different backgrounds and with different depths of experience to choose their own level of access
  • Includes detailed references with cutting-edge research and time-tested studies for the most well rounded perspective on the subject
  • Written by a well-known and highly respected author in this complex and emerging field of study

Theories of the Chakras: Insights into Our Subtle Energy System by Hiroshi Motoyama

It is an outstanding book from both the scientific and spiritual points of view. the chakras and other components of the human energy field were largely brought to the attention of the western world by claivoyant Charles Leadbeater.

His pioneering work is discussed in detail in this fascinating exploration of the subtle body along with that of other respected seers and yogis.

Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, a well-known Japanese scholar, was born in Japan in 1925. Dr. Motoyama graduated from the Tokyo University of Literature and Science with Ph.D. degrees in Philosophy and Physiological Psychology, and was awarded a prestigious prize for his work in the comparative study of Eastern and Western mysticism.

Dr. Motoyama is both a scientist trained in empirical methodology and a psychic who has experientially gained deep philosophical knowledge. He is the head Shinto priest of the Tamamitsu Shrine in Tokyo, and a yogi well-versed in the yoga treatises. His scientific endeavors resulted in the establishment of the Institue for Religious Psychology, a research facility (1960), and the International Association for Religion and Parapsychology, an international organization whose members are not only composed of scientists in theses and related fields, but are from diverse professions (1972). For the purpose of specialized research in the field of life physics, the Motoyama Institute for Life Physics was established in 1990. Dr. Motoyama is the author of over 50 books (Japanese and other languages) and numerous monographs and papers, and has traveled widely throughout the world, participating in conferences and workshops, and presenting his work.

The Medical I Ching: Oracle of the Healer Within by Miki Shima

I firmly believe that this volume is the first of its kind in the West and will further the understanding of this ancient book of wisdom. I have no problem in recommending Dr. Shima's work on the I Ching to anyone interested in practicing medicine, Western or Oriental.

For the first time in English, Dr. Miki Shima has synthesized the age old wisdom of the I Ching and the vast body of Chinese Medicine. I strongly recommend this exciting, original work.

As a professional practitioner of Chinese medicine, I and my many patients have found this book invaluable for helping to clarify otherwise hazy situations. The I Ching needs to be interpreted no matter what use it is put to. So you have to contemplate the hexagrams and moving lines from several points of view: trigrams, yin and yang lines, map of the body, image, and commentary. For me, this book provides a new and different starting place to think about my patients' problems. It is not a simple cook book for "looking up" precise medical diagnoses and what to do for them.

Medical Chi Kung Exercise Prescriptions (Paperback) by Suzanne Friedman

Medical Chi Kung is one of the four main branches of Chinese medicine, and it is the energetic foundation upon which the others (acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical massage) are based. Medical Chi Kung and tai chi exercises are becoming more popular, but there are few books that discuss how they can be used to help address specific disorders. This book is the first medical Chi Kung book that does not simply introduce a set of exercises that are a part of a general Chi Kung routine. Rather, the exercises provided are those prescribed to patients at Chi Kung hospitals in China.

Medical Chi Kung doctors and Chinese medicine hospitals have used these exercises for hundreds of years and yet they are relatively unknown in this country. The first half of the book introduces medical Chi Kung theory from a modern Western scientific perspective as well as from the traditional Daoist and Chinese medicine perspectives, so that the reader will understand why and how medical Chi Kung exercises work. The second half is practical exercises for self-healing. The book introduces guidelines for selecting appropriate exercises, and then the exercises themselves. There are general tonification (strengthening), purgation (sedating), and regulation exercises for health maintenance, followed by sections on specific organ and health disorders. This book targets health care practitioners as well as "patients," meaning anyone interested in taking an active role in the healing process.

The Yijing Medical Chi Kung System (Hardcover) by Suzanne Friedman

Yijing (I-Ching) theory is the foundation of Daoism and Chinese medicine, and this book explores the deep roots that they both share. Daoism and Chinese medicine both view the human body as a microcosm of the universe around us; what is happening outside affects us inside. Medical Chi Kung is based on the premise that we can energetically affect something outside based on our intention inside. Much of medical Chi Kung, one of the main branches of Chinese medicine, originates from the practices of Daoist shamanic healers. This book introduces a Chinese medicine healing system based on the principles of the Yijing that serve as the foundation of medical Chi Kung and Daoist spiritual practices.

The Yijing Medical Chi Kung System is a compilation of self-healing exercises and qi emission therapeutic treatment techniques based on Daoist medical Chi Kung and Yijing theories. This system's approach is unique in that it focuses on the meanings of the trigrams rather than the hexagrams of the Yijing. The eight trigrams are used in innovative ways for healing the body, mind, and spirit. The Yijing Medical Chi Kung System is based on the premise that the Yijing theory that infuses Chinese medicine and Daoism is just as relevant today for healing and spiritual guidance it was three thousand years ago.

The Healing Art of Qi Gong: Ancient Wisdom from a Modern Master by Hong Liu

A Chinese Chi Kung expert joins a bestselling writer to bring a powerful, ancient healing art to a Western audience. Trained at the most prestigious hospitals in China and at the mountain cave home of a Chi Kung master, Master Liu is the first person to fully integrate extensive apprenticeships in both Eastern and Western medicine. Now, with this ground-breaking book, he tells his extraordinary story, and shares the energizing, health-enhancing therapies that have been used in China for over three thousand years with near-miraculous results.

This is different from most of all other Chi Kung books. In addition to the Chi Kung exercises, it also gives an detailed experience of what Mr. Hong Liu has to go through to become a Chi Kung master.

Chinese Medical Chi Kung Therapy by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson

Chi Kung Books
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This unique and innovative Institute is attracting interest from Energetic Healers, Acupuncturists, Allopathic Doctors, Psychotherapists, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Physical Therapists, and potential Medical Chi Kung students from all around the world.

Founded in 1985 by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, the International Institute of Medical Chi Kung (IIMQ) has been educating Westerners in Chinese energetic medicine for over 20 years. The IIMQ currently has branches in 8 countries and 13 states.

The information contained within the Chinese Medical Chi Kung Therapy textbooks are composed of both modern and ancient knowledge, graphics, and expanded techniques, guaranteed to fascinate and intrigue the reader. Never before in the history of Chinese Medicine has a textbook series been made available to the public that includes such comprehensive and thorough understandings on ancient Chinese energetic healing techniques.

Written by an internationally recognized Grand Master of Martial, Medical, and Spiritual Chi Kung training, this five textbook series (often referred to as the "Medical Chi Kung Encyclopedia") provides the first complete explanation of ancient Chinese esoteric theory that has for centuries eluded and confounded the West.

Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine by Lonny S. Jarrett

Nourishing Destiny has become a classic text in the field of Chinese Medicine... Nourishing Destiny examines Chinese medicine as a science pertaining to the evolution of consciousness.

Equating health with open awareness and illness with habitual functioning, Lonny Jareertt examines the Chinese notion of destiny as it applies to the practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine. The text is grounded in the Classics and extends their view into the treatment room today.

The Unobservable Universe: A Paradox-Free Framework for Understanding the Universe by Scott Tyson

The beauty and uniqueness of the book is that is represents a perfect marriage of scientific thought and lyrical prose. It is a remarkable contribution to humanity, which is ready for a shift in scientific philosophy. ~Catherine J. Rourke, Editor911

I found it to be the most entertaining and enjoyable physics book in sixty years... An entirely new picture emerges from [Tyson's] thoughtful reasoning and bold imagination. Read it! ~Alan Chodorow, PhD

... Fascinating, thought-provoking, mind-blowing, and controversial, but it does offer a coherent explanation for observed phenomena and provides a path to the holy grail of physics, The Theory of Everything... ~Jonathan DuHamel,

...Tyson has written a fascinating new cosmology book... This book is more than just space science--it's a sweeping look at how we think about ourselves and the cosmos. ~Lou Varricchio, Managing Editor, New Market Press

Product Description Were ancient Greek philosophers right about reality being only an illusion? What was really the biggest blunder of Einstein's life? Is everything we've been taught about the universe incorrect? In The Unobservable Universe, visionary scientist and engineer Scott M. Tyson successfully unravels cosmology from the level of rocket science and brings it down to Earth, demystifying the universe in terms that laymen can comprehend and enjoy, splitting atoms but not hairs on this magical mystery tour of the outback of time and space.

Tapping nearly three millennia of scientific philosophy and drawing upon his three decades as a prolific researcher, brilliant scientist and inspiring writer, Tyson artfully deconstructs key misunderstandings that modern science inadvertently continues to embrace − unraveling the inconsistencies and paradoxes emerging from contemporary science and science philosophy, dissecting complex principles and debunking long-held premises with illustrative examples to expose vital new insights. His provocative theories, supported with pragmatic anecdotes and symbolic metaphors, translate quantum physics into a master blueprint for all cosmology readers to examine, explore and contemplate.

Tyson effectively illustrates the meaning of perceptions in a way that will prompt scientists to fundamentally rethink preconceived notions and consider new possibilities. He guides readers in a bold, new direction that provides a coherent framework in which they can truly understand the universe and the underlying Theory of Everything. Informative and illuminating, this groundbreaking book's lively style provides an enlightening and entertaining page-turner, laced with a brilliant combination of compelling theory, solid research, simple analogy, contagious enthusiasm and enough humor to break a smile on the faces of even the most serious cosmologists. Tyson propels readers toward a new state of thinking, with a greater awareness and understanding of the mysteries of the universe that more accurately reflects its truths and realities. As a benchmark for cosmology, The Unobservable Universe will forever change the way we look at our world.

Trail Guide to the Body: How to Locate Muscles, Bones and More 5th Edition by Andrew Biel

Before you can assess or treat a muscle, you first must be able to locate it. This acclaimed book delivers beautifully illustrated information for learning palpation and the musculoskeletal system. It makes mastering the essential manual therapy skills interesting, memorable and easy. With 504 pages and 1,400 illustrations covering more than 162 muscles, 206 bones, 33 ligaments and 110 bony landmarks, this text provides an invaluable map of the body.

This new edition includes an extensive 56-page appendix that describes the common trigger point locations and pain patterns of 100 muscles.

Trail Guide to the Body is a highly recommended textbook for the state licensing tests administered by both the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) and is one of only five books on their official examination reference lists. In addition, the Board of Certification program for athletic trainers in the U.S. uses our high-quality Trail Guide to the Body illustrations in their various products, including exams.

Whether you are a massage therapist, physical therapist, sports trainer or student in any bodywork modality, Trail Guide to the Body is for you!

Facelake Fl400 Pulse Oximeter with Neck/wrist Cord, Carrying Case and Batteries

Product Features INDIVIDUALLY TESTED FOR ACCURACY: Each device undergoes rigorous testing and is approved for use by the FDA.

QUICK READINGS: Incredibly easy to use. Simply turn on the device, place your finger within it, and have your pulse rate and SpO2 instantly displayed.

Anatomia Para El Movimiento I (Spanish Edition)– Blandine Calais-Germanin

Cancer and the New Biology of Water by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD

When President Nixon launched the war on cancer with the signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971 and the allocation of billions of research dollars, it was amidst a flurry of promises that a cure was within reach. The research establishment was trumpeting the discovery of oncogenes - the genes that supposedly cause cancer. As soon as we identified them and treated cancer patients accordingly, cancer would become a thing of the past.

Fifty years later, it's clear that the war on cancer has failed despite what the cancer industry wants us to believe. New diagnoses have continued to climb. One in three people in the United States can now expect to battle cancer during their lifetime. For the majority of common cancers, the search for oncogenes has not changed the treatment. We're still treating with the same old triad of removing (surgery), burning out (radiation), or poisoning (chemotherapy).

In Cancer and the New Biology of Water, Thomas Cowan argues that this failure was inevitable because the oncogene theory is incorrect or at least incomplete and based on a flawed concept of biology in which DNA controls our cellular function and therefore our health. Instead, Dr. Cowan tells us the somatic mutations seen in cancer cells are the result of a cellular deterioration that has little to do with oncogenes, DNA, or even the nucleus. The root cause is metabolic dysfunction that deteriorates the structured water that forms the basis of cytoplasmic, and therefore, cellular health.

Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD

One doctor's surprising answer to the epidemic of autoimmunity and chronic disease.

Over the past 50 years, rates of autoimmunity and chronic disease have exploded: Currently, one in two-and-a-half American children has an allergy; one in 11 has asthma; one in 13 has severe food allergies; and one in 36 has autism. While some attribute this rise to increased awareness and diagnosis, Thomas Cowan, MD, argues for a direct causal relationship to a corresponding increase in the number of vaccines American children typically receive - approximately 70 vaccine doses by age 18. The goal of these vaccines is precisely what we're now seeing in such abundance among our chronically ill children: the provocation of immune response.

Dr. Cowan looks at emerging evidence that certain childhood illnesses are actually protective of disease later in life; examines the role of fever, the gut, and cellular fluid in immune health; argues that vaccination is an ineffective (and harmful) attempt to shortcut a complex immune response; and asserts that the medical establishment has engaged in an authoritarian argument that robs parents of informed consent. His ultimate question, from the point of view of a doctor who has decades of experience treating countless children, is what we are really doing to children when we vaccinate them.

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor's Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease by Dr. Thomas Cowan MD

While serving with the Peace Corps in Swaziland, Thomas Cowan encountered the work of Rudolf Steiner and Weston A. Price - two men whose ideas would fascinate and challenge him for decades to come. Both drawn to the art of healing and repelled by the way medicine was - and continues to be - practiced in the United States, Cowan returned from Swaziland, went to medical school, and established a practice. He remained intrigued by the work of Price and Steiner and, in particular, with Steiner's provocative claim that the heart is not a pump. Dr. Cowan believes that Steiner was correct that the heart is not a pump, and our understanding of heart disease is completely wrong. And this gross misunderstanding is the reason heart disease remains the most common cause of death.

Biodecoding® ― Descodificación Biológica®

The Biogenealogy Sourcebook: Healing the Body by Resolving Traumas of the Past by Christian Flèche 2008

A practical guide to the correspondence between emotion, organ systems, and disease • Identifies what emotional shocks will engender illnesses specific to a certain part of the body • Shows how illness is an ally that enables individuals to restore balance to their health Biogenealogy is a comprehensive new vision of health that takes the mind-body connection one step further by identifying and consciously addressing the emotional shocks that create physical disorders. Each symptom of an illness precisely indicates its emotional origin. Thus, far from being an enemy, the physical symptom is actually a valuable ally that provides the key to the cure of the physical disease as well as resolution of the emotional imbalance that created it. Christian Flèche, the leading researcher and practitioner in the field of biogenealogy, explains that the "activation of illness" is the body’s reaction to unresolved events that are frozen in time. These unresolved traumas affect the body on the cellular level and manifest in minor as well as more serious chronic conditions. In The Biogenealogy Sourcebook, Flèche systematically chronicles all the major organs of the body and specifies the types of emotional conflicts that lead to illness in those areas. For example, he explains that conflicts of separation are evidenced in diseases of the skin; a reduction of self-worth or deep anguish will manifest in the lymph nodes. He also shows that unresolved emotional issues can also be passed down to future generations if left untreated. Intended for therapists, researchers, and any person who wants to take his or her health in hand, this book is an important guide to understanding and decoding the causes and not just the effects of illness.

El cuerpo como herramienta de curacion (Spanish Edition) by Christian Fleche 2009

Christian Flèche, eminente investigador y terapeuta especializado en el campo de la psicobiologia, nos plantea en esta obra una vision totalmente diferente de la enfermedad, considerando esta una reaccion biologica de supervivencia frente a un acontecimiento emocional incontrolable, puesto que segun la descodificacion psicobiologica de la enfermedad, cada organo afectado corresponde a un sentimiento muy preciso, y cada conflicto emocional pendiente de resolucion puede ir pasando de generacion en generacion si no se resuelve a tiempo. El autor nos muestra de una manera clara y sorprendente que la enfermedad es una eficaz herramienta de curacion, y no una desgracia o una calamidad fruto del azar.

Christian Flèche, the leading researcher and practitioner in the field of biogenealogy, explains that the activation of illness is the bodys reaction to unresolved events that are frozen in time. These unresolved traumas affect the body on the cellular level and manifest in minor as well as more serious chronic conditions. In this book, Flèche systematically chronicles all the major organs of the body and specifies the types of emotional conflicts that lead to illness in those areas. He also shows that unresolved emotional issues can also be passed down to future generations if left untreate and how the illness can act as a healing tool.

Creencias y terapia: Cómo modificar nuestras creencias para recuperar la libertad (Spanish Edition) by Christian Flèche, Franck Olivier 2012

¿Qué es una creencia? - ¿Cuándo, cómo y por qué se establece esa creencia? - ¿Decide uno creer en todo lo que uno cree? - Y, sobre todo, ¿cómo desenmascarar las creencias y liberarse de ellas? Éstas son las preguntas a las que Christian Flèche y Frank Olivier responden con precisión en esta obra consagrada a esas evidencias que nos gobiernan con nuestro conocimiento. La primera parte, teórica, se dedica a la definición del concepto de creencias, presenta ejemplos explícitos de aquello que no identificamos de manera espontánea, como las creencias, pero, sobre todo, cómo son las verdades sobre nosotros mismo, sobre los demás y sobre el mundo. La segunda parte se orienta hacia la práctica y el cambio: cómo modificar nuestras creencias limitantes para recuperar la libertad del ser y la unidad del Yo. Los autores nos presentan diversas técnicas inspiradas en terapias breves. Fruto de la reflexión y producto de sus prácticas terapéuticas, este libro le brindará, por primera vez, las llaves para actualizar sus creencias y para rebasarlas. Una obra didáctica, ilustrada con numerosos ejemplos, dedicada a los terapeutas y a todas las personas que se encuentran en la búsqueda del cambio y de su evolución. !Afronte sus creencias con valor y no volverá a ver las cosas de la misma manera!

El origen emocional de las enfermedades (Spanish Edition) by Christian Fleche 2015

Nuestro cuerpo es poseedor de todas las claves de la enfermedad: su origen, su evolucion, su tratamiento y su prevencion. Nuestro cuerpo fisico, psiquico, emocional y energetico contiene todas las preguntas y todas las respuestas. Christian Fleche expone que los sintomas de una enfermedad son la reaccion de adaptacion a un acontecimiento no integral que se enquista con el tiempo, y que cada sintoma indica de manera precisa el origen del problema. Este manual practico ofrece el significado biologico de todas las enfermedades con numerosos ejemplos y constituye una guia imprescindible para decodificar cada sintoma y descubrir cual es su sentido.

Each symptom of an illness indicates its emotional origin. Thus, the physical symptom is a valuable ally that provides the key to the cure of the physical disease as well as resolution of the emotional imbalance that created it. This book is a guide to understanding and decoding the causes of illness.

Sentir para Sanar: Tus síntonas revelan tus engranajes secretos (Spanish Edition) by Christian Flèche 2015

Christian Flèche creador de la Descodificación Biológica nos explica desde un punto de vista terapéutico las dos fases de la dualidad humana ¿borrar o añadir? La práctica de la terapia desde hace más de veinte años (1993) me ha permitido descubrir y más tarde definir una rejilla extremadamente simple, verificable y coherente, para la lectura de los síntomas y de los procesos de cambio. Esta rejilla se basa en dos principios: “LO MÁS o LO MENOS – AÑADIR o BORRAR”. Esta lectura permite comprender de una manera nueva y fácil toda clase de síntomas, desde las enfermedades físicas a los comportamientos. Partamos de un caso concreto: Un profesor humilla e insulta en clase a dos alumnos. Ninguno de los dos soporta escuchar esos insultos y ambos sienten un estrés del tipo: No me puedo creer lo que estoy oyendo, es insoportable. Pero el primero se queda sordo, mientras que el otro tiene acúfenos. El primero sufre una merma en la audición. El segundo crea sonido. Para ambos, el hecho es el mismo, con un resentir aparentemente idéntico, y sin embargo ¡sus síntomas son opuestos! Así pues, ¿cuál es la diferencia que constituye la diferencia? ¿Qué observamos? la primera persona, al quedarse sorda, pasa la goma, borra, la segunda, por el contrario, añade algo (en este caso, sonido). Pero ¿qué es lo que provoca que una borre y que la otra añada? ¿Por qué contestar a esta pregunta? Porque la terapia no será la misma; incluso la relación será diferente, porque estas dos personas tienen una relación opuesta con el mundo: una, quedándose sorda, se protege de la relación; la otra, creando sonido, la busca. Y, si os parece, bajemos ahora a las profundidades de la construcción de la personalidad, con el fin de encontrar en ellas nuevos modos de comprensión de lo vivo…

Descodificacion biologica de los problemas digestivos (Spanish Edition) by Christian Fleche 2015

La obra describe detalladamente los diferentes organos y sus funciones, para dibujar despues el panorama de las relaciones entre emociones y sintomas. En ella encontraras la descripcion de las diferentes sensaciones biologicas, asi como numerosos ejemplos y claves para resolver los conflictos emocionales con los que uno se enfrenta. Descubre el significado oculto de tus dolencias y retoma el camino de la salud!

This book is a practical guide of the digestive systems illnesses, analyzed from the perspective of biological decoding. It gives us an exhaustive outlook of the connection between them and the emotions. Learn how to discover the real meaning of your diseases in order to get back to a healthy path.

The Universe of Solutions: Reprogram Your Mind to Change Your Life by Jean-Guillaume Salles 2016

The Universe of Solutions is for people who want to change but who are having a hard time figuring out how to do it so that it will “really work”. This book is a short manual that will teach you how to transform the unconscious processes deep inside you that manage your survival into processes that let you really live, not just get by! Our conscious minds manage only 15% of everything we do! So, if we really want to take control of our own lives, we have work with our bodies, with our unconscious, in order to live our lives with Feeling, Joy, Health, Ease and everything else that is important to us. Here is a concrete, practical little manual that will help you learn to drive on the roads of our existence!

Descodificacion biologica de los problemas oseos (Spanish Edition) by Christian Flèche 2016

Y si la escoliosis, el reumatismo o la osteoporosis nos revelaran unos conflictos emocionales soterrados? Christian Flèche nos ofrece esta guia practica de los problemas oseos y articulares desde la optica de la Descodificacion biologica. Segun la descodificacion. cada sintoma corresponde a una experiencia, a una emocion bloqueada. En esta obra, el autor describe en primer lugar y detalladamente los diferentes organos corporales y sus funciones, para pasar despues a exponer los vinculos existentes entre emociones y sintomas.Descubre el sentido oculto de tus males y reencuentra el camino.

This book explains that each symptom of an illness precisely indicates its emotional origin. Thus, far from being an enemy, the physical symptom is actually a valuable ally that provides the key to the cure of the physical disease. What you do not express you imprint it in your body.

Descodificacion biologica de las enfermedades (Spanish Edition) by Christian Flèche 2016

Christian Flèche afirma que el sintoma es la reaccion de la adaptacion a un acontecimiento no acabado, detenido en el tiempo, que de enemigo puede convertirse en un valioso aliado. Funcional, exhaustiva y clara, esta obra guiara a profesionales de la salud, terapeutas, investigadores y a toda persona dispuesta a asumir la responsabilidad de su propia salud, a descodificar cada sintoma, a liberar su sentido y, por ende, a comprender mejor los mecanismos de la salud y a tratar las causas de la enfermedad, no solo sus efectos.

Christian Fleche, says that the "activation of illness" is the body's reaction to unresolved events that are frozen in time. This books is an essential resource to understanding that the physical symptom is a valuable ally that provides the key to the cure of the physical disease as well as the resolution of the emotional imbalance that created it.

Descodificación biológica de los problemas neurológicos y endocrinos (Spanish Edition) by Christian Flèche 2017

Christian Flèche nos ofrece una guia practica de los problemas neurologicos y endocrinos analizados desde la perspectiva de la descodificacion biologica. Segun este enfoque de la salud, cada sintoma corresponde a un sentimiento, a una emocion bloqueada. En esta obra encontraras la descripcion de las diferentes sensaciones biologicas, asi como numerosos ejemplos y claves para resolver los conflictos emocionales a los que uno se enfrenta. Descubre el significado oculto de tus problemas neurologicos y endocrinos y retoma el camino de la salud!

Christian Flèche offers a practical guide to the neurological and endocrine problems analyzed from the perspective of biological decoding. According to this approach to health, each symptom corresponds to a feeling or to a blocked emotion.

Descodificacion biologica de los problemas cardiovasculares (Spanish Edition) by Christian Flèche 2017

Y si la hipertension arterial, el infarto o incluso el colesterol fueran reveladores de unos conflictos emocionales ocultos? Christian Flèche sostiene que las enfermedades son una tentativa de autocuracion, una reaccion biologica de supervivencia frente a un acontecimiento emocionalmente incontrolable, de manera que cualquier organo danado corresponde a un sentimiento preciso y tiene una relacion directa con las emociones y los pensamientos. Este libro te ofrece una guia practica de los problemas cardiovasculares analizados desde la perspectiva de la decodificacion biologica.

Christian Flèche is a leader in the field of the biological decoding of the psycho-cerebro-physical effects of diseases. Each symptom of an illness precisely indicates its emotional origin. This book is a practical guide about cardiovascular diseases from a biological decoding perspective.

Descodificacion biologica de los problemas respiratorios (Spanish Edition) by Christian Fleche 2017

Y si la bronquitis, el asma, el neumotorax o incluso la sinusitis revelaran unos conflictos emocionales hasta ahora ocultos? Christian Flèche nos ofrece una guia practica de los problemas respiratorios analizados desde la perspectiva de la descodificacion biologica. Segun este enfoque de la salud, cada sintoma corresponde a un sentimiento, a una emocion bloqueada. Antes de establecer un panorama exhaustivo de los problemas respiratorios y otorrinolaringologicos y de las relaciones entre emociones y sintomas, el autor describe muy detalladamente cada sistema corporal.

Biodecoding is a new way of decoding symptoms (either physical, emotional or mental) and resolving their underlying bio-emotional and ancestral causes at the cellular level through a signature methodology. This book comes from the inventor of biodecoding, Christian Flèche.

El Mundo exterior no existe (Spanish Edition) by Christian Flèche 2019

Para Christian Flèche, fundador de la Descodificacion Biologica, no existe mas que un unico conflicto: la negacion de la realidad. Cuales son las implicaciones que esto tiene en nuestra salud y en nuestra vida? En este libro, Christian Flèche nos habla de aquello que nos pone enfermos: la representacion que tenemos del mundo. El mundo, que mundo? Es tan solo la pintura de un paisaje que nunca cambia? O sera nuestra percepcion la que esta fija? Quitemonos las gafas a traves de las cuales estamos viendo el mundo, con el fin de ofrecernos la posibilidad de percibirnos a nosotros mismos.

For Christian Fleche, founder of the Biological Decoding, there is only one conflict: the denial of reality. In this book, he shows us how our representation of the world is what makes us sick.