Colon Cleansing Testimonial


Colon Cleansing Testimonial

WARNING: Side effects may include lower levels of stress and anxiety, increased productivity, higher sex-drive, drastic increase in functional lifespan, better memory, and a more pleasant personality.

Preparation for Colonoscopy—M.S. Albuquerque, NM

After turning 55 my doctor recommended that I do a colonoscopy to make sure that my large intestine was healthy.

Colon Cleansing Testimonial

The colonoscopy specialist said, "the colon must be free of solid matter for the test to be performed properly. For one to three days, you are required to follow a low fiber and clear-fluid only diet. On the day before the colonoscopy, you are required to drink a laxative preparation of Bisacodyl and large quantities of fluid. This is necessary to have the intestine track clean."

Because I have been practicing Shank PrakShalana for over 30 years I felt comfortable choosing this way of cleansing to prepare myself for the colonoscopy. I woke up early that morning and practiced Shank PrakShalana 3 hours before the colonoscopy procedure.

At the start of the colonoscopy procedure, the specialists inserted the viewing probe into the rectum. After a few seconds he suddenly stopped and said, "Wow, this is the cleanest colon I have ever seen." After completion, the results showed a perfectly healthy colon.

It is the most natural and direct system I have ever known.

Shank PrakShalana—I.L. Santa Monica, CA

When Miguel suggested that I could do the Shank PrakShalana cleansing I agreed because I knew it was going to clean my system and improve my health. I read all about it on the web, but it was not until I experienced it that I really felt the difference.

I was glad I had Miguel as my instructor, otherwise, finishing the cleansing would have been a challenge.

I started very bravely drinking the salt water and by the time I had about 5 or six glasses in my system, I was ready to give up. It was then when Miguel looked at me in the eyes and said: "you must be determined to make the valves open". After this phrase, I understood that it was my will the one I had to train along with my body. At that moment I decided that I really wanted this cleansing to work, so I started drinking the glasses at once and doing the exercises alternatively almost not stopping.

Once the water started to flush out in the bathroom all the discomfort I was experiencing went away, and yes, I felt a little full but now my body was releasing all the garbage stored for so many years, and I know it sounds weird but it was great.

When I was finished, I had some special rice made by Miguel and it really comforted me. After the cleansing I felt like everything was clear, I was more aware of the world that surrounded me and my body had a chance to start all over again.

I’m excited that now I do not need to depend on any over-the-counter cleansing products or machine to clean my digestive system. With Shank PrakShalana I am able to clean my body any time I feel the need.

Thank you, Miguel, for a wonderful cleansing experience.

Shank PrakShalana—C.N. Albuquerque, NM

I was extremely nervous about Shank Prakshalana and how my body would react at first. But Miguel is an excellent teacher and kept me focused and encouraged throughout the process. With his guidance, the cleansing procedure was completely successful. I discovered how simple this cleansing is and how truly amazing it made me feel.

My senses were heightened and seemed to be much clearer. I felt as if I had a new perspective on this life and where I wanted to go with it. My body has never felt so light and full of energy.

It is time to take responsibility for my health and this colon cleansing methodology is the best ever conceived. I recommend it.

Shank PrakShalana & Food Poisoning—P.R. Albuquerque, NM

Yesterday I went to a sea food restaurant and order a ‘Pasta, Calamari & Shrimp’ dish for dinner. I did not eat the entire dish, therefore taking the leftovers home. In the evening of the next day (today), I decided to re-heat the leftovers for dinner. As I was eating, my intuition warned me to pay attention to the food, but I did not. Even though, I suspected something was not right, and the food tasted a little funny, I ate it all.

Immediately (al tiro) I developed a fever. As the fever was increasing, I decided to go visit my friend Mateo. While driving to my friend’s house, the fever worsened. On arrival, I was sweating all over my head feeling weak and jittery. My friend noticed that I looked like I was not having a good time. I mentioned that I had poisoned myself with some bad sea food.

I was not feeling well at all, and my friend’s father Miguel overheard our conversation suggesting, what he called, and ancient Hindu cleansing. I did not suspect it to be a long and elaborate process, so I reluctantly agreed to it. He explained that my body was trying to expel the poison naturally and that the most logical thing to do was to assist the body to accomplish the task.

To my surprise, Shank PrakShalana was a long and arduous job―drinking warm salt water and doing exercises that induced vomiting. I had a hard time with the vomiting part and could not induce it at the beginning. Finally, puking the salt water with some of the food occurred, but not all of it. This step was necessary to eliminate the contaminated leftover food from my stomach.

Miguel explained that the poisoned food was already moving into my small intestine, and that I would have to drink approximately 20 glasses of salt water, and do four specific exercises to induce bowel movement. This had to be repeated again and again until the water was flushing out clean and clear. It did not look promising.

Every glass of water I drank was almost impossible to finish without causing me to feel nausea provoking me almost to vomit, but I did not. Miguel told me that eventually I would expel, via bowel movement, all the feces and the saltwater including the contaminated food. He also mentioned that at that point I would feel better.

That is exactly what happened. As soon, and I mean as soon, as the bowel movements occurred, my temperature came down, my sweating stop, the fever broke, and I felt totally normal―even hungry.

After I finished the process, I ate some white rice with garlic and coconut milk that Miguel had prepared for me.

I am so impressed with such a quick recovery that I decided to write this testimonial. Shank PrakShalana is awesome!

Shank PrakShalana—K.A. Los Angeles, CA

In the past few years my digestive system has not been performing as well as it should. Digestion was slow causing sluggish bowels, and the function of the spleen was weakened due to overwork and stress. To deal with this situation I use supplemental enzymes to assist the digestive process. At this point, I was ready to start a detoxifying cleanse using supplements and herbs which I have used in the past.

During a Chi Kung seminar at UCLA I had the opportunity of meeting Miguel. As I got to know him better he mention that there is an alternative ancient technique used in India in which the whole digestive system is cleansed from mouth to rectum in a few hours, allowing the internal organs to expel and detoxify naturally. This technique is called Shank PrakShalana using water as the medium.

The idea seemed so natural and appealing that I was curious to try it myself. The use of gravity moving water in the proper direction through the digestive track made a lot of sense to me.

With Miguel as my guide we started this cleansing journey. He prepared the saline water at the proper temperature for the body to avoid osmosis when ingested. I started drinking glass after glass interrupted only by specific exercises to encourage the opening of the two main valves regulating the GI tract.

Soon after, I incorporated in the routine sitting on the toilet. So from here on it was water, exercise and toilet. Having Miguel by my side gave me peace and it was the key to feeling secure and confident in this procedure. After several glasses of water a first bowel movement occurred. The pressure and bloating was slowly being relived.

From this point on it was downhill. It was interesting that at one point while sitting on the toilet, all of the sudden I became highly sensitive to the smells of the soaps and other fragrances in the bathroom. This sensitivity has occurred to me before on other occasions after cleansing my system. Something was definitely happening to me.

At some point during the process I felt vulnerable and having someone that I could trust, like Miguel, made this process feel safe. I definitely recommend to anyone who tries Shank PrakShalana having a guide during the first time. Originally, I was planning to go rollerblading in the afternoon after the cleanse thinking that I would have a lot of energy, but as Miguel had pointed out, I ended up taking a nap.

The next morning I woke up energized and clearheaded, feeling light. In the past few months I have been waking up with congestion in my sinuses. To my surprise, today I had no congestion. My breath was much cleaner and fresher.

I am so glad to have done Shank PrakShalana because it was so easy to accomplish in such a short manner, and it is a great tool to have for future use. I really recommend using this amazing and uncomplicated method to cleanse and detoxify your whole GI tract, and having Miguel’s guidance and assistance was a gift.

Shank PrakShalana—B.I. Albuquerque, NM

Too many smokes, sugar and ignorance were definitely being expressed as low energy and an inability to concentrate—it felt like time for a deep cleanse…

While returning from a 4-day Chi Kung workshop, with Miguel, I asked about the salt-water intestinal cleanse called Shank Prakshalana. I really wanted to give the practices that we experienced throughout our time in Santa Fe fertile ground to grow on and beginning with a cleanse seemed like a good way to "pull some weeds."

While working at a health food store, the enormous variety of cleansing products became apparent. It was overwhelming. All sorts of different herbal formulas were offered—their effectiveness not known until used. It seemed rather complicated. Shank Prakshalana, however, sounded elegantly simple.

Although the process is simple, it remains a bit daunting—drinking so much water is difficult. Miguel’s assurance allowed my companion and I to continue with composure. From the beginning, the world became brighter; images became more detailed, focused and expansive, colors more vibrant. It feels so good. Flushing everything out left us spent, needing some time to recuperate. Miguel’s presence provided stability and direction.

Having an experienced guide in Miguel makes it all worthwhile. Not having products to buy (salt and water already on hand) allowed us to invest in an education we can expand with our own willingness any time we feel the need to engage in a new beginning.

Shank PrakShalana—E.R. Albuquerque, NM

The point eventually comes in our lives, sometimes more than once, when we look around us and see clutter. That messy drawer, the unorganized closet, the garage with stuff we don’t know what to do with. When I reached that point I began slowly to declutter. Beginning with my bedroom―I created a space that was more nurturing to my inner peace. I removed all paperwork and replaced it with openness and places to sit quietly in my room. I continued through the house and into my daughters rooms and slowly the clutter began to leave our lives. There’s still work to be done but there are decluttered areas to rest between the continuing work.

And then the point arrived that I felt I needed to declutter my inner body. I began to read and learned about detoxification. I looked through 20 books or so and as many websites at all the techniques people used to "detox". I spoke with my doctor about a colon cleaning which she felt was a good idea. When I called in February they told me they were backed up through the summer. I was put on a waiting list just to receive a phone call to make the appointment that would then be another three months away. I guess I wasn’t the only one feeling the clutter inside my digestive system.

As always, I trusted my intuition as I read over different material and felt uncomfortable with water fasts but settled on a juice fast called The Three Day Energy Fast, by Pamela Serure. It covered a full process and included de-cluttering space, a pre-fast diet, and a meal by meal menu for the 3-day fast. I began to prepare. I cut out meat two weeks before my target dates of fasting. Then I cut caffeine, sugar, and wheat the week before. I prepared my daughters by taking them food shopping with me and letting them pick what they would eat during my pre-fast week. I asked them to handle the cooking and cleaning so I could eat only vegetables and fruits for the week. I wanted them to see the food I bought that I would be eating so they would understand that fasting wasn’t totally without food.

On Monday, I mentioned to Miguel that I was on a pre-fast and he replied, "oh, what you need is Shank PrakShalana". I knew he was right. He had explained the process to me before and while I hadn’t found anything else to read about it during my research, it made the most sense. A three hours process that flushes the digestive system from top to bottom using saltwater. So we planned a time to do it with his help on the upcoming Saturday morning. Just knowing I was going to do this made my whole pre-fast so much easier. Suddenly I was much more patient with myself about what to eat and when. I kept the meat, caffeine, wheat, and dairy products out but added more solids, soups, and nuts.

I continued my salt baths adding a Detox M.D. bath by Masada Mineral Herb Spa which is a mix of sea salts, green tea and milk thistle with rosemary, juniper, and eucalyptus. I also began to drink two teas by Yogi Tea Healing Formula, Peach DeTox made with organic dandelion and Fasting made with organic red clover.

On Thursday night, I had a fever and was feeling low energy. I was also very congested in the sinuses and felt as if I had knocked down my immune system during my pre-fast. Miguel asked me what vitamins I was taking because I was depleting my nutritional system. It wasn’t something I had really considered but realized that my congestion, run down feeling, and tension was most likely coming from an apprehension of staying off solid foods for 3-days and from everything missing from my diet. I bought a Netti pot―for sinus flushing and after reading the ingredients on a shelf of vitamins at Whole Foods Market I chose New Chapter Organics, Every Woman II. This was a combination of vitamins and organic herbal extracts, super-foods (spinach, blueberry and soy), and spices (ginger and tumeric) with a promise of gentleness on an empty stomach.

By Friday early afternoon my daughters had left for a few days away to celebrate the beginning of their school spring break and I was ready for my spring cleansing. It was my turn, like the earth around me, to release the past, give birth to new ideas, new relationships, and new perspectives. It was my turn to let my insides tremble sweetly like the legs of a new foul as I became reborn. I ate very lightly all day with only vegetable soup and an avocado before bed. I took baths and also took a long restful nap.

Friday night it rained. I awoke with light beams flashing across my Ajna chakra and quickly awakened fully to try to understand what it was. I fell back to sleep only to be woken again with the same light. I awakened once more and waited patiently this time lightly sleeping until I heard thunder and a flash of lightening crossed my eyes and once again lit my chakra. I rested peacefully for the remainder of the night. Saturday morning it was drizzling outside. I woke up as I always do before the sun comes up. I lit every candle in my home; I lit a fire in the fireplace and waited for the arrival of morning with a cup of Fasting tea. I enjoyed a salt bath and by the time Miguel arrived I was completely relaxed, grounded for my experience, and at total peace. Miguel became my Shak PrakShalana journey guide.

With his normal high energy and exuberance he clapped his hands and began the process. We heated the largest pot of water I had with filtered tap water and non-iodized salt. I thought he was crazy to heat so much water. I remembered an earlier thought of reading about a couple of people who had died from water binging. Miguel had already explained that by adding salt the water would not be absorbed by my body―osmosis. It would simply pass through my throat, stomach, digestive system, and out my colon. In theory it was the simple, intellectually graspable, answer I was looking for. But first I had to pass through four blocking points.

Colon Cleansing Testimonial

The house was cool, the fire was warm, and I poured my first glass of saltwater with a soup ladle. It was as warm as I would serve liquid in an infant bottle, and just a bit saltier than I would prefer in a soup. I drank with as much intention as I could bring together since my throat quickly constricted feeling the saltwater. Miguel taught me the exercises which made a smooth process.

First, Tiryaka Tadasana in Sanskrit, "the tree in the wind". Standing with legs apart, folded hands and palms turned outwards; stretched arms over my head, looking up through the fingers and swaying ten times from side to side. This influences the upper part of the intestinal tract and helps to open the pyloric valve. I felt as if the swaying motion was making me feel slightly nauseous, like the feeling of being in the backseat of a car with blurred vision of movement going past you.

Second, Kati Chakrasana, "the waist twist". The feet were slightly apart, elbows extended parallel to the shoulders and arms raised above the head. Swinging the body and head so that you look far back over the shoulder, in a rotating movement. A swinging motion letting momentum take you into the next twist. This exercise was done ten times to each side. The purpose was mostly for the middle of the stomach and to open the pyloric valve.

And then I drank more saltwater. We did both exercises again and drank another glass of saltwater. I did both exercises again and really began to feel even more nauseous. I drank another glass of saltwater. My throat was constricting and even though I tried to disassociate myself from my body and not let the water come back up, it came. Clear salty water flushed out from my stomach. This was my first blocking point. My body was fighting me. I would not let the burst of water stop me. The water was clear. I could see it wasn’t a problem; I only needed to overcome it.

Miguel explained that it was the pyloric valve, which had been trained to constrict and force the stomach contents back out. It was doing its job. I thanked it for doing its job and all it has ever protected me from and tried to convince it to let the saltwater pass so that we could clean our whole system. Miguel touched the valve area and coaxed me to massage downward with the palm of my left hand. He also massaged it.

I drank more water. This time we added two more exercises. Uddarakarshanasana, translates as "abdominal massage." Sitting with one leg fully extended and arms wrapped around the opposite knee. Holding the upper body and head erect. Pressing the left leg against the body so that it exerts a pressure against the abdomen―ten times to each side. This exercise massages the lowest part of the intestines to open the ileocecal valve.

The fourth exercise is called Tiryaka Bhujangasana, which can be translated as "the twisted cobra". Lying on the floor, stomach down with the legs apart; then raise the body up on straight arms, lift the legs onto toes, and twist the head and torso looking over the right shoulder seeing down the opposite heel―ten times to each side. Here the lower part of the intestine is stimulated and the effort to open the ileocecal valve continues.

I drank more saltwater and did another series of exercises. This time I felt a great need to walk and walked through the house. I drank more saltwater. I began to feel nauseous again. Another burst of water came back from my stomach. I drank more saltwater and he massaged the pyloric valve again. He used Pranic Energy Healing to help my body relax. I was at my second blocking point of getting the valve to open. I was wearing down but I could feel Miguel’s healing touch and I knew that the valves would open. We did the exercises, walked, and drank more saltwater again. Massage, exercise, walk, and drank again. The nauseousness returned and one last time my stomach sent the saltwater back out. I drank more saltwater, asked Miguel to massage me again, exercised, and walked. Drank more saltwater again, exercised and walked. Now the pressure moved down.

I drank more saltwater, exercised, walked, and felt the pressure on the second valve into the large intestines, the ileocecal valve. I was so hot. I opened the door to do the exercises. Miguel was cold and kept the fire going. I drank more saltwater, exercised, walked, felt the pressure getting more intense. I needed to rest. I rested for five minutes. This was my third blocking point. I needed to get through this one on my own. I began to drink half glasses of water, didn’t want to exercise anymore, walked instead, walked some more. I drank another half glass, went to exercise in my room, began to walk and finally hurried to the toilet where the valve opened up and the first washing came through. It felt so relieving. I could see the bile and there was an odor. I flushed it away and drank more saltwater. I drank half glasses, exercised in my room and the flushing came more easily and steadily. The bile became a much lighter color and there was no odor any longer. I continued the process. Saltwater, exercises, walking, flushing.

Now the physical pressures were less intense. I was able to drink the water with only an occasional slight feeling of throat constriction both valves were wide open, the water was passing quickly. Miguel asked if I had seen "whole leaves" in the flush. I was surprised by the question and asked what he meant by "whole leaves". But sure enough the next time I looked; the waste was a cloudy light brown, getting nearer to clear, and there were small leaves and stems in the waste. I no longer needed to do the exercises or I would just do them briefly as I sat down. I began to get cold. I was sitting by the fire and the warmth felt great. Miguel was cooking rice in the kitchen. The house smelt wonderful, the fire was nourishing, his presence was calming, and I knew I was being cleansed. I felt like I could keep doing this for any amount of time except I had reached my fourth and final block. I was so thirsty. I longed for the taste of fresh water.

He told me I had to wait to drink fresh water. I considered stopping the process even though my waste wasn’t totally clear yet. We talked about how far I had come. I thought of all the time spent de-cluttering my surroundings, the readings, the studying, pre-fasting, planning for my daughters to be away, and here I was. I drank more saltwater and continued the process. I felt so cold. He told me it was my body sending fresh water out of my systems towards the saltwater dehydration―I was in a deeper cleaning―I had moved beyond the digestive tract. I drank more saltwater and was thankful for this chance to renew; this was my opportunity to regenerate. The warmth of the fire, the smell of the rice, my clear thoughts, and his presence all worked together for the final glasses of saltwater as finally the flush became clear and clean.

Finally, I drank a glass of fresh water. It never has and probably never will taste as it tasted in that first glass of fresh water. I rested before the final exercise of purging the fresh water from my stomach (Vamana Dhauti). In his high energy and exuberant voice he asked, "okay, are you ready to finish this up?" There's rarely a dull moment with my friend, Miguel. I drank more fresh water, and tickled the back of my throat but only a small amount of water and mucus came out. I decided to drink another glass of water and try to bring more out. When I gagged, I could also feel the valves closing and the fresh water came out. This final step closed the two opened valves (Vamana Dhauti).

Shank PrakShalana was over. Shankha, Sanskrit for the nearly seven meter long folded intestine called a conch shell. PrakShalana, Sanskrit meaning to wash thoroughly. Shank PrakShalana is a comprehensive cleansing process that cleans all the way from the mouth to the anus, and it certainly did.

It felt great to lie by the fire and not have the thought of drinking saltwater. I still didn’t indulge in fresh water as I wanted but instead I finally ate. This would keep my intestines from collapsing. The white rice was cooked with coconut milk, cilantro, garlic and plenty of positive energy and good intention. With my second bowl of rice I began to drink fresh water. We relaxed, talked, ate more rice, drank more water, and stayed by the warmth of the fire. It was over.

When Miguel left, I took another bath. This time I wanted a fresh water bath. I added lavender to the water. I scrubbed and used vanilla soap. When I was done I was surprised to see the water a light brown. The detoxing was reaching completion. I spent the evening talking with my sister on the telephone by the warmth of the fire. We talked about my experience and the de-cluttering projects she has begun at her home. My sister and I can talk for hours by telephone. I continued to eat portions of rice and drink fresh water.

Finally, I got under the blankets―a thermal blanket, a down comforter, another down sleeping bag, and I was still shivering with a slight fever. I finally got enough energy to get up one more time. I ate more rice. I did a Netti cleansing to get rid of congestion that had built in my sinuses. Finally after a few hours of sleep I threw off the top sleeping bag, the fever was broken, I drank more fresh water and fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke the new day had arrived.

Having completed Shank PrakShalana I found:

  • My senses where more sensitive
  • The cleansing of my digestive system was very thorough
  • It took only about 3 hours depleting my body of nutrients for a very short time
  • It was a non-invasive natural procedure to colon cleansing
  • I learned a colon cleansing method that I can practice by myself for the rest of my life
  • I recommend it!

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