Kundalini Syndrome Personalized Guided Treatment


Kundalini Syndrome (śaktipāta) refers to the symptoms experienced by the Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy known as "kundalini" in the human body. Kundalini Rising is a spiritual awakening process in which Chi Kung, Kundalini Yoga, and Meditation are the main tools to raise this universal energy and to place it under our command.

Personalized Guided Treatment for Kundalini Syndrome (śaktipāta)
Personalized Guided Therapy for Kundalini Syndrome
Manage your Kundalini Awakening, Kundalini Awakening Symptoms
Sixty-six(66) years of personal experience integrating śaktipāta into my day-to-day life

WARNING: Side effects may include lower levels of stress and anxiety, increased productivity, higher sex-drive, drastic increase in functional lifespan, better memory, and a more pleasant personality.

Kundalini Syndrome
In the Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci integrates mathematics, religion, philosophy, architecture & artistic skill.
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kun·da·li·ni (noun, sanskrit) Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy cosmic invisible and immeasurable within the human being. Its strength funneled up through the spinal chain to reach the head and mind makes it possible for the union between man and the Supreme Universal Soul to occur.

sin·drome (noun) Group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.

As a reference, these are some of the names given today to śaktipāta: kundalini psychosis, physio-kundalini syndrome, kundalini madness, awakening phenomena, spiritual awakening, spiritual emergence and more.

Reading some of the articles presented on the Internet, there are many intellectuals, professors, and Ph.D.'s that have done research on thousands of clients but have not experienced themselves śaktipāta. They "talk the talk," but have never "walked the walk."

Kundalini Syndrome Treatment has been misunderstood by western cultures historically and even today. You find many descriptions of its symptoms and characteristics and very few insights on how and why it occurs or how to address it. Most recommendations for treating Kundalini syndrome address the surface but miss the cause. Because Kundalini Syndrome is a Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy overflow imbalance, all treatments that recommend:

  • beta blockers
  • control of alcohol and tobacco
  • diets
  • Kundalini Syndrome
  • drugs
  • emotional support
  • exercise
  • mental control
  • nutrition
  • physical work
  • physiological support
  • plenty of sleep
  • relaxation
  • sex activity moderation
  • stimulants
  • or the like

are focusing mostly upon the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Kundalini syndrome is the result of the misalignment of the Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy body flow, and because its consequences are manifested in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies—the ones we see—people attempt to treat it on these more superficial levels. As meditators, yogis, athletes, or common people encounter, more and more, an overflow of energy through very particular gate locations in the energy body and experience Kundalini Awakening (śaktipāta), the control and distribution of the Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy may get misaligned. Therefore, this out-of-control Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy overflow manifests with specific characteristics.

Kundalini Syndrome

Some explain Kundalini Awakening (śaktipāta), as a state of "overabundance of energy" and recommend "you need to lose some of the energy", but the question is "how much energy to reduce?" and "how to accomplish the reduction?" It is like telling an obese person to lose weight and a skinny person to gain weight, without giving them the tools to achieve the task.

In this Personalized Guided Treatment you will receive the tools and guidance to learn and resolve Kundalini Awakening (śaktipāta) from someone who has experienced and resolved it in 1954.

The Relation between The Spinal Cord with Human Energy and Kundalini Awakening

In his book "Nourishing Destiny, The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine", Lonny S. Jarrett says,

"Heaven, in conferring destiny on humans, has cast us as mediators between heaven and earth, making us one of the three primal powers in the universe. Although heaven may will a unique nature for each of us, it is not certain that each individual will be true to this nature and manifest its destiny. Just as the Dao loses its original nature of unity to give birth to the 'ten thousand things' (duality), so too do we humans fall from our original nature as we gain self-consciousness.

The different stages in the evolution of Dao are not separated in time and space but rather occur simultaneously in each moment. The Dao as unity is always present at the heart of each thing, and, in each moment, it continually falls from, and spontaneously returns to its original nature.

The motion of the Dao, eternally moving away from and returning to itself, is the ever-present cause that lies at the heart of all creation. By centering our 'self' and shutting off the senses, we are able to return immediately to the truth that lies in heaven's heart. Meditation is the symbolic act of closing the seven holes in our head and returning the primordial influence of Dao to our life."

Kundalini Yoga: Awakening the Shakti Within

Sadhguru sheds light on the mystical Kundalini energy, which lies dormant in every human being. He looks at the ways in which Kundalini can be activated, and what that can lead to in a person's life.

Interdisciplinary dialogue within particular schools of psychology has now established some common criteria to describe Kundalini Syndrome.

Motor symptoms are thought to include:

  • tremors
  • shaking
  • spontaneous or involuntary body movements
  • changes in respiratory function

Sensory symptoms may include:

  • changes in body temperature (feelings of heat or cold)
  • a feeling of energy running along the spine or progressing upwards in the body
  • a feeling of electricity in the body
  • headache and pressure inside of the head
  • tingling
  • vibrations and gastrointestinal problems

Cognitive and affective symptoms may include:

  • psychological upheaval
  • stress
  • depression
  • depersonalization or derealization
  • intense mood-swings
  • altered states of consciousness (trance-like experiences)
  • hallucinations (inner visions or acoustical phenomena)
  • but also moments of bliss and deep peace

Gopi Krishna described the symptoms of what he thought was kundalini awakening based on his own experiences. From his early years of turmoil, he described:

  • a stream of light and a roaring sound in his head
  • a rocking sensation, a sense of slipping out of his body
  • a sense of detachment and disinterest
  • weakness in his arms and legs
  • fatigue and uneasiness

As long as we look at the symptom only and not the cause, which is only expressed in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, the treatment may be inadequate or incomplete. People that have experienced this situation can testify to this fact. They spend days, weeks, months, and even years with this condition, experimenting with different approaches with little or no avail.

The results of the different approaches taken are the only way to evaluate the efficacy of each treatment—"The proof is in the pudding." It would be advantageous for the medical community to document Kundalini Syndrome and the different approaches recommended, to establish a clear path to the solution. To modify any ailment and bring the human body back to balanced health, we need to get to the point, and not beat around the bush.


To resolve Kundalini Syndrome (Śaktipāta) the therapist must be able to sense and see the flow of Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy flowing through the human body. This technique is called Shen Kung or Higher Clairvoyance and is a tangible and practical technique with concrete measurable results.

Once the imbalance in the energy overflow is detected or seen, the Shen Kung practitioner is able to:

Adjust the chakra gates by projecting cleansing energy to eliminate congestion and regulate over/under activity.

Adjust the intensity and condition of the chakra energy flow to its "appropriate" size and intensity.

The therapist must know the "appropriate" characteristics of each chakra. To obtain information, please see my Integrative Clases for your state or country.

Adjust the intensity of the adjacent chakras in sequence to their "appropriate" intensity and condition. This is accomplished by connecting the problem chakra in relationship to the chakras above and below, or before and after. The chakras function in sequence and are readily linked to each other and their natural "appropriate" chain flow, similar to the formation of a polypeptide from amino acids in a protein molecule.

Stabilize the overall Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy flow and encase the human body in a protective energy shield allowing the newly regulated state to learn its new condition. The therapist must make sure that this bubble is of the "correct" color, and is permeable from the inside to allow the release of any excess energy flow without creating congestion once more.

There is a simple test to determine if the therapist is able to modulate the Kundalini. Try modulating a Hot-Flash of a "woman in menopause". If successful, you are at the beginning of the path.

The innate and essential part of the energy (spiritual) advancement archived by the Kundalini Awakening (Śaktipāta) is not lost or diminished in any way by this practice. It involves guiding the subject through specific practical tools to integrate the effects and benefits of such experiences into everyday life. All energy (spiritual) evolution leads to the activation of Kundalini Awakening (Śaktipāta) which is the transformation into the divine reality.

Now you have a whole new set of rules to live and flourish by and guidance is there to help you understand what those rules are. The awakened Kundalini will guide you through the process by way of intuition, visions, and perception. The guided session should take no more than 90 minutes for the first time and 40-50 minutes for any additional session if necessary.

Please understand that Life Force Quantum Vital-Energy travels at approximately the speed of light—instantly. The time it takes to complete the session is not due to the technique used, but to the resilient physical, emotional and mental bodies. They find comfort in their previous familiar state and shift slowly into a new state, as they are subject to time and space. As the energy mold changes instantly during therapy, the bodies require time to adapt and catch-up to the new energy mold. This is the reason why therapy may take more than one session.

As you can see this approach is, in fact, very easy and direct. But, as you well know, "easy is what you know, and difficult is what you don't know." So please expand your knowledge, open your horizon, and accept to learn from the unknown. Acquiring knowledge for the self can be instantaneous, or may be subject to the resilience of your ego.

"Happy trails and many blessings!"

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Shen = Subtle Energy, Kung = Administration

Kundalini Syndrome

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