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M. L. E.—Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru Headache

Client reports pain in the left side of his head. "I had that pain for 3 or 4 days before I met Miguel."

After one Shen Kung Healing session he reports:

Before this session, I didn't believe on this kinds of treatments. I was really impressed and a little bit scared when the pain started to go away until it disappeared completely. The pain never came back again and I continue practicing some of the exercises you have taught to me. Thanks.

P. B.—Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Tennis Elbow

Client reports, "I have a right trapezoid strain and a right epicondylitis on the elbow (Tennis Elbow). Also, a right wrist inflammation and pain."

After the first Shen Kung Healing session she wrote the following email:

Miguel, how are you? After the first Shen Kung Healing session the pain and discomfort was diminished by about 50%. Thanks

S. M.—Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Foot Injury

Client reported that her left foot had been injured during a long run four(4) days earlier. She noted constant pain, and extra sensitivity upon touch, between her heel and the arch of her foot.

After the first Shen Kung Healing session the next day she wrote the following email:

Miguel, I was greatly surprised by the absence of pain in my foot following treatment, and I found especially interesting the speed and ease with which healing took place. The practitioner quickly instilled trust in me, and he was clearly competent. I found the experience quite pleasant, despite its unusual nature. I was able to run on the foot without pain within 18 hours of treatment. This was important to me because I'm training for a marathon. Thanks, S.M.

Client reports that her neck and shoulders where in pain. She went to a chiropractor for treatment which helped her some.

After the second Shen Kung Healing session the next day she wrote the following email:

Miguel, The pain was considerably reduced and my range of motion increased by about 80%. Thanks, S.M.

K. B.—Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA Constipation

While traveling in California I was having an issue with constipation. Miguel worked on me with a special Chi Kung energy healing session using colors. The session was so short, I didn't believe it would help. I felt the energy moving through blockages in my body, and within minutes I had a bowel movement. Then about an hour later, I had another one. I felt so much better, and I was so grateful. Thanks Miguel, that was AMAZING!

K. P.—Austin, TX, USA Muscular Pain & Twisted Vertebra

First impressions: I first met Miguel in San Diego, California, and was immediately impressed by his general knowledge of a multitude of medical disciplines. While I approached his particular practice of energy healing with openness, I admit to being somewhat skeptical, at first, due to its mysterious nature. I soon learned that Miguel is truly, uniquely gifted in the art of healing through the projection of energy.

While this art appears very esoteric, the results are profoundly tangible. I witnessed his work with several people who appeared to be experiencing energetic discomfort, restlessness and a build up of heat in their bodies. A short period of time after his work with these patients, their symptoms were completely resolved.

The problem: My personal experience soon followed, as I approached Miguel about an ongoing problem I have had with my back. The manifestation of this problem varies, but the location is always the same. At times I have experienced muscular pain between and just below my shoulder blades. Other times I experience profound itching on the surface of the skin in the same location. I have also experienced what can only be described as a rushing sensation up and down the length of my spine accompanied by strong emotions. And finally, I will occasionally walk around for several days with a hot spot directly between and below my shoulder blades. This unusual cluster of symptoms cannot be explained wholly by modern western medicine, although many doctors have attempted to treat each symptom in isolation of the others.

The revelation: I appreciate Miguel's holistic approach to my treatment. He described my problem as a block in the flow of energy in my body precisely at the point in my back where the symptoms occur. This immediately made so much sense to me! After years of enduring this condition, one of my vertebra in my back has actually twisted in it's place on the spine. It's as if the energy applied so much pressure and torque that the result was an unavoidable twist.

The solution: I cannot explain to you the process of Miguel's practice of healing, but I will tell you that my life has been irreversibly and wonderfully changed ever since. Immediately after my treatment, I walked into a public bathroom (one in which I had entered on many occasions) and all of the automatic towel dispensers in this rather large bathroom went "off," dispensing towels. (*) It was as if energy was finally free from my body and touched the heat seeking sensors six or more feet away from me. That was a very tangible and visible sign of Miguel's power to manipulate energy. Shortly after and ever since, I have experienced true physical healing, but more profoundly, I have become even more aware of my body's relationship with energy and the true source of that universal energy. Esoteric? Perhaps. Real? Undeniably.

Hope: Miguel possesses an incredible gift. I can only hope others will open themselves to receive this healing, and that it might profoundly affect modern thought and find great acceptance as a valid medical practice in our western society.

* This phenomenon has been known for a long time and is called the "Pauli effect", after Nobel Prize [1945] physicist Wolfgang Pauli. This is understandable because during a Subtle Energy session the biomagnetic quantum coherence alters projecting outwardly.

J. W.—Mobile, Alabama, USA Fibromyalgia (Distant Healing)

I have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, which caused stressed, which caused physical problems. This was when I was younger, especially while going to school Obsessive Compulsive Disorder until getting Fibromyalgia. These symptoms are part of Fibromyalgia and the medications I take are intended to take care of them:

  • Depression—symptom of Fibromyalgia
  • Restless Leg Syndrome, along with Periodic Limb Movement Disorder—symptom of Fibromyalgia
  • Sleep Apnea—symptom of Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia—symptom of Fibromyalgia
  • Short Term Memory loss—called Fibrofog- Fibromyalgia

I've had Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past 15 years:

  • Pain—intense, widespread and chronic pain and stiffness that has no obvious cause; but knows no boundaries and moves to all parts of the body varying in intensity and is frequently worse in the morning.
  • Insomnia—an interrupted sleep pattern and associated sleep disorder that prevents you from getting deep, relaxing, recuperative sleep.
  • Fatigue—an all-encompassing exhaustion that feels as though every drop of energy has been drained from the body, and at times means you have a limited ability to function both mentally and physically.

It may be accompanied by:

  • Headaches and migraine
  • Skin sensitivities and rashes
  • Bowel and bladder problems
  • Temporomandibular joint syndrome TMJ
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Impaired memory and concentration
  • Restless Legs syndrome
  • And many more disabling symptoms

Because of its devastating effect, Fibromyalgia has a severe impact not only on me, but also my family, friends, employers and social life in general.

My symptoms started off with Migraine headaches, TMJ, neck problems that extended down to my elbows and wrists (to be able to paint, I had to wear a neck brace, carpal tunnel gloves and tennis elbow wraps). Later on, my arms were going numb, I was having panic attacks, I couldn't sleep at night (restless leg syndrome), then my whole body was jerking throughout the day. I started on some medication which helped some of the symptoms, but didn't help the extreme pain that I was experiencing in every joint. There was a point that I couldn't walk or even pick up my toothbrush.

Besides the pain, my muscles weren't working and my brain wasn't functioning properly. I was having memory loss and had to focus hard on just being able to walk and eat (telling myself to pick up the fork and bring it to my mouth). It was like I had a brain injury and my hands and feet were curling up. At this point, I had my doctor's wife take me to an acupuncturist. At first I had to go three times a week, then I went weekly for years to relieve the pain. At this point, I also ordered a magnetic mattress pad to help relieve the pain at night so I could sleep. Finally, I was out of extreme pain and could paint again in the mornings. In the afternoons, my body and brain would shut down and I would have to go to bed by 4:00 pm. It was a real change to go from being a very active person (working day and night), to barely being able to function and support myself.

Throughout the years, I would try different things to help with problems that would arise with Fibromyalgia. Physical Therapy, Cortisone shots, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Swimming, Meditation, vitamins, herbs and supplements, hot and cold packs. But it didn't go away.

After the first Shen Kung Healing session she wrote the following email:

Miguel, How are you doing? I'm feeling fantastic. I can't believe how well I feel. Usually it's been taking a day and night to recover. A year ago, it sometimes took a week to recover and 4 years ago, it would take me two weeks to recover. I would be in bed for that amount of time.

I just got through meditating, then caught and set free the young sparrow in my house. I'm going to meet a cousin of mine across the bay for sushi, then go around to the galleries in a beautiful town called Fairhope.

I just can't believe how good I feel and how happy I am. Thank you, J.

After the second Shen Kung Healing session she wrote the following emails:

Miguel, Just letting you know that I feel fantastic today and have more energy than I've had in a long time while at home painting. J.

Hey Miguel, My 19 year old niece just came by for a visit. I am so excited because she has never come by to visit on her own. She's D's daughter and her name is M. I can't believe how grownup she is now and so beautiful. I wish I had taken a photo of her while she was here.

Anyway, I am so high on life today and I know it's your healing. Thank you, J.

Four(4) Shen Kung Healing sessions have changed her life, she is living a happy and enjoying a Fibromyalgia-free life.

D. W.—Silverhill, Alabama, USA Broken Ribs (Distant Healing)

As he describes it via email:

Miguel, As for my situation. I fell late last Saturday night while getting up to get some water. Thought nothing about it and had a normal day on Sunday. On Monday, I woke up feeling like I was coming down with something.

It is unusual for me as I haven't missed a day of work in five years. Not that I exactly take care of myself. Went to work and things went downhill from there. I threw up twice at work (hope I'm not giving you too much information) and then excused myself to go home. That's when I started feeling the pain in my right rib section.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with pain and fear. No sleep that night and headed to the emergency room the next morning. They confirmed that I had three broken ribs. Gave me some pain medication and sent me on my way. I took the pain medication for two days. D.

After the first Shen Kung Healing session the next day he wrote the following email:

Miguel, "Good morning. I am feeling soooo much better today, although I have a ways to go. I feel like I've been beaten with a baseball bat. It's as if my body was receiving internal electrical shots and the electricity was exiting my body just below my ribcage. There's a burn mark there. Also, last night at 10:45 pm a shot hit me that almost lifted me out of the bed. It was the strongest yet. Interesting, huh?" D.

His sister wrote me the following email:

Miguel, "I don't know if you've talked with D. or not, but I want to tell you that he didn't take any pain medications today. He has needed 4 a day up until this morning." Thanks.

After the second Shen Kung Healing session the next day he wrote the following emails:

Miguel, I'm at work so this will have to be brief. Not much detail to give you, except that I went to sleep at 11:15 pm and woke at 6:45 am. It was the soundest sleep that I've had in over a week. I feel wonderful this morning. No pain at all. Just a slight dull ache that I hardly notice. At my age, I have aches like that everyday. Thanks, D.

Miguel, If you were working on my sleep last night, then please keep it up. Like I said, it was the deepest and soundest sleep that I've had in a long time. I also woke up incredibly refreshed. If I'm not giving you the right feedback, please let me know. Thanks, D.

Miguel, I was never in pain again in my ribs and I was able to go back to work right away, which involves a lot of heavy lifting. Later on I took a trip to Ireland and never had a problem lifting heavy luggage in and out of the car daily. I haven't had any pain since the Shen Kung Healing was done and haven't taken any pain medications. Thanks, D.

M. T.—Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA AInflamation, Back Pain & Auto-immune Disorder (Apitherapy)

Having read and heard about the benefits of apitherapy for inflammation, back in May of 2009 I had the opportunity to visit Miguel in an attempt to improve sore joints after physical work, of my hands. After filling out a long questionnaire, in my first meeting in Albuquerque, I realized that this therapy is used for many more ailments than just painful joints.

For 12 years I have suffered from auto-immune disorder due to a severe chemical exposure which rendered me very sensitive ever since. According to my physician in Dallas, who is highly specialized in treating this and other forms of environmental allergies, I was to be on a serum made out of my own white blood cells for the rest of my life in order to 'tame' my reactivity and allow a better quality of life.

After realizing in conversations with Miguel, that apitherapy could also moderate my hiper-immunity via adrenal modulation, I decided to stop the serum and give the bees a try. I had the most incredible results to date.

I will always have to continue to watch my chemical load as per the protocol for us with allergic conditions, but my life has become much more normal and enjoyable, and in addition, my hands are also almost (95%) pain-free.

My experience with this Bee Therapy has been extremely beneficial and I highly recommend it for these and the numerous other applications to regain balance in the human body.

J. B.—Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Abdominal Surgery (Distant Healing)

One thing that strikes me about Miguel is that he is a very kind, caring soul that really is interested in helping people. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience about health and healing and practices what he preaches.

Miguel started giving me Shen Kung Healing for about 6 weeks after I had a hysterectomy. I had some complications during my surgery and so the healing process was quite intense and difficult. What I dealt with post-op was anemia, poor digestion, pain and some emotional turmoil. Even though the treatment was done long distance I could feel the healing energy of the treatment as if he was in the room with me. The treatments always put me in a very relaxed, peaceful state and sometimes I even fell asleep! After every treatment, I always noticed that my pain was diminished, my energy level was up and I felt so much better overall. I noticed that every week this progression into wellness improved incrementally.

The Shen Kung Healing not only worked on my physical state of being but the emotional as well. One particular treatment comes to mind where I was experiencing some sadness and melancholy. After my session with Miguel I felt like something had been lifted from me emotionally. The heaviness around my heart was diminished and did not reoccur. Shen Kung Healing works on all levels, mind, body & spirit. It is a complete system of healing and I highly recommend it to anyone no matter what their condition is or how serious.

I am so grateful to Miguel for working with me to regain my health and well-being. I know if I didn't have his treatments, my healing process would've been prolonged and more difficult. Thanks Miguel!

P. M.—Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Varicose Veins (Apitherapy)

Two(2) years ago you treated me for varicose veins. Mine had been protruding just below my knee for 20+ years. When you said you could treat them, I was skeptical at best. After each treatment I had to rest each night as I really felt awful. Perhaps it was toxins being released. I kept coming back for 4 or 5 treatments and then stopped.

A few weeks later I was getting out of the shower, and to my amazement my varicose veins were gone! And I don't mean an imagined superficial improvement, I mean gone.

I noticed too that my reaction to Juniper pollen I had experienced had also decreased. I had tried dozens of things to fight this, even leaving New Mexico for much of March. I probably should come back for a tune up.

Thanks again for your amazing work!

S. J.—Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Chronic Sinus Infection & Muscle Inflammation (Apitherapy)

I learned about apitherapy from Miguel at a presentation on bee-keeping. I was intrigued because I was recovering from 3 years of chronic sinus infections and wanted to strengthen my immune system.

Apitherapy is helping me achieve that end. It has also helped reduce inflammation in the muscles of my right arm and my shoulders.

During my apitherapy treatments I complained to Miguel that I seemed to have allergies, although I never used to. He thought that might be a symptom of black mold in my environment. I realized I was hanging my washcloth on a wooden towel rack each day and the bar was smudged with mold. Changing that habit, as well as his suggestion that I breathe in the essential oil "Thieves" has improved the allergy situation greatly.

I'm certainly sorry that you are departing from Albuquerque, I wish you all the best. I think you are a healer and I hope you can get a chance to exercise that gift in as many ways as possible. Thank you again for what you have done for me.

M. G.—Newport, Oregon, USA Fibromyalgia & Tendonitis (Distant Healing)

Client reports:

  • Plantar faciitis both feet due to severe ankle pronation (or the pronation is due to Pelvic misalignment) since 1991. Orthotics worn continuously since 1/2005 with some relief.
  • Insomnia since 1991 (sleep from 5-6 hours/night).
  • Fibromyalgia and tendonitis in hips and legs since 1995 (possibly due to pelvic Misalignment and insomnia) Very painful and fatiguing. Better since Orthotics, strength training, and MSM supplements.
  • Osteoarthritis of thumbs bilaterally—wear brace and will need surgery to replace.
  • Cartilage. Pain control w/ibuprofen.

After the first Shen Kung Healing session the next day she wrote the following email:

Hi Miguel, We must be on the same wavelength because I have been thinking about what to tell you. Well, I immediately went to sleep (but I do that anyway), slept until 4:00 am, when I had to get up to go to the bathroom (which I do anyway), then tried to go back to sleep (which I usually am not able to do because my mind is busy thinking, listing all the things I need to do, etc).

This morning, my mind was not as active, I felt calmer, but I did not go back to sleep. So, I got up at 4:30 am and started my day. When I got out of bed, my legs did not feel as sore as they usually do and I am not as stiff as usual. I think that is it.

Note: I went to sleep on my back quickly and deeply which normally I only go to sleep on my side. M.G.

After 3 Shen Kung Healing sessions she wrote the following email:

Miguel, I have had 3 treatments so far. Two last week and one last night. Last night's treatment had a very calming effect on me. My mind was peaceful and not full of thoughts (some sad ones because of an old dog brought in to the shelter who is alone and will be killed in a few days,) I wish I could bring him home for a while, but I can't.

I went to sleep shortly after talking to Miguel. I slept very well. I awoke at 2:30 am to go to the bathroom and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, but I did. And slept until 5:00 am! I awoke feeling refreshed. Something I have not felt for many months.

It is 8:35 pm All day I felt good. I was not very stiff and sore after sitting in the car driving for 45 min. and after working for several hours and then getting up. My knees feel strong and my right hamstring feels only a little sore. I was not sleepy after lunch. I actually have had good energy and little fatigue all day! Thanks, M.G.

J. D.—Santa Barbara, California, USA Kundalini Syndrome (Distant Healing)

During my participation on a Qigong workshop in Santa Barbara I experienced an accumulation of energy unfamiliar to me. It developed slowly as the Qigong practice went on during the day. There were approximately 140 students participating and I thought my sensations and experiences would be normal to the group.

At the end of the day my body temperature was high and I had uncontrollable tremors throughout my body. Realizing that I was alone with this sensations, I waited at the door after class for the Qigong teacher to help me. As I explained my symptoms, he kept walking past me not understanding what was happening. Thankfully some of his entourage called Miguel to assist.

Miguel separated me from the group and walk me to my car for about a 15 minute walk. He worked on my energy aura as we walked and explained how to unblock the congested kundalini energy in my body. As we reached my car I felt 70% better and in a stable condition. He asked me if I would be able to drive home. I said yes. He mentioned that he would continue to work on me from the Distance and that I should go directly home. During that evening I could feel the energy returning to normal.

Next day I was one of the first to arrive to the last day of Qigong with a smile. It felt really good to be free of yesterday's experience. Miguel explained how he had continued to work on me during the evening for about 45 minutes. I am so thankful that he was present at the Qigong workshop.

I.P.B.—San Jose, Costa Rica Kundalini Syndrome (Distant Healing)

I am a single woman, studding at the university in San Jose, administering a dance academy and teaching dance classes. My experience in dancing and yoga is vast, but in my pursue of evolution I decided to also practice Kundalini Yoga.

As an athlete I like to place al my attention and energy to everyone of my performances. I clearly remember a particular class that felt very intense. Afterwards, I felt very lucid, everything seemed more clear, I was very happy with all these new found energy. During the next class, as I would close my eyes at the end of the class invocation, everything seemed to have an overwhelming vibration that made my body tremble.

After class I approached my Kundalini Yoga teacher but she had a previous appointment and left in a hurry. I was in a very agitated state and in fear. In the next few days my arms felt loaded with electricity, which lasted for about 10 days. Almost every night I would wake up in the middle of the nigh sweating and with a feeling of fire over my back. My emotional body was over charged, but it would be cyclical, come and go. All of these eventually drained my energy to almost zero. It was a disaster.

After about two months of classes I began to feel and excess of energy going through my body. The feeling was uncomfortable and new to me. My heart was under pressure, it was difficult to breath, and then I started with an incontrollable weeping. In the next few days I was emotionally out of balance and could not sleep. The feeling of electricity shocking my body was very scary as it fluctuated making me felt vulnerable, with hot and cold rapid changes, etching, and pain in my back. I felt like if I had a hole though my spinal cord where light could go through; very strange.

On another occasion, one morning, right before I had to open the door to the business, I felt a electric shock throughout my body, a feeling of over sensibility in my eyes and ears, where any sound would stun my senses. I run to the park to put my feet on the grass and that seem to help a bit. After the first crisis my appetite diminished drastically. I was afraid to communicate my experiences to other because of risking to be categorized as crazy.

I tried different things that friends and family recommended with no avail. Placed my feet on the wet ground, bath in water cold and hot, drank wine and nothing helped.

Finally my Kundalini Yoga teacher, which is a certified student of Miguel, contacted him and schedule a Distance healing session for me. He was in New Mexico and I was in Costa Rica. During the first session, right away I felt 90% better and all of my symptoms began to disappear. He gave me two more follow-up sessions and I am back to my normal life again. I have learned my lesson and now I pay attention to my four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

M. D.—Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, USA Kundalini Syndrome (Distant Healing)

I've been following an on-line Yoga class for a little over a year. Living in a small town in Pennsylvania, I don't have a lot of options to practice yoga, something that I love. During a Kundalini Yoga class, I was in a particular pose doing rapid "breath of fire", when I began to have strange sensations flowing down my arms. They were not painful or scary.

I finished the class and for the next several hours felt alright, although a little lightheaded. As I went to sleep that night I began to "see" lights and colors, and hear voices, almost as if I was dreaming, but I was most definitely awake. I thought I was having a panic attack. I eventually got to sleep.

The next morning I awoke feeling very strange. Detached would be the best way to put it. I felt like I was not really inhabiting my own body. My emotions were up and down; I felt very sad one moment, almost normal the next, and at times I felt very elated and happy. I also had an annoying pressure in my forehead. As the day progressed I began to feel worse and I was unable to concentrate at all. Driving a car was even a struggle and so was listening to any kind of music or watching television.

I began to be very upset and did some research online where I luckily came across Miguel's website www.iChiKung.com. I knew immediately I needed to call him, which I did. A few hours later he called me back and assured me that he could provide assistance. Later that evening we had our first distant healing session. I immediately felt better. I was much less detached and in general I felt like myself. My emotions had leveled out and I felt quite happy. He gave me some advice on the types of classes I was taking and also informed me that my condition was Kundalini Syndrome.

I am so grateful for Miguel's abilities. I felt like I was never going to feel well again and he brought a lot of hope back to me. It has been less than two days since our initial session and I've been progressively feeling better. He has kept in contact with me since our first session to make sure I'm doing well, which I am. I expect to continuously feel better as the days and weeks go on. I've learned my lesson in terms of "dabbling" in certain yoga practices without fully understanding them.

B. B.—Oakville, Ontario, Canada Kundalini Syndrome (Distant Healing)

Greetings Miguel,

My deepest thanks for your help when I was going through my worse moments of Kundalini Syndrome.

I share my experience for others that may be having a similar situation with no answers from health professionals. You can read my experience and decide if investing a few dollars to get much needed help is better than mistrusting Miguel's services and keep on suffering.

I believe that everyone's experience and process is different, so one has to decide to put some efforts on their own, too.

My story begins when I was visiting India three years ago when in the airplane I started getting some vibrations of bliss. When I reached India I got diarrhea for few days. During that time when I was sleeping at night I felt sudden vibrations in my body below, where the spinal cord ends. My body would go into different poses in the middle of the night while I was asleep.

I started searching on the Internet for answers. I found out about the chakra system and kundalini syndrome. My curious mind kept on thinking about that and I started meditation. For three years now I have been doing meditations regularly. Sometimes one to two hours. Initially I started feeling small amounts of energy flowing out of the middle of my eyebrows and on both the sides of the head. Then it started rotating in the brain. It never bothered me. Soon after I woke up from Meditation I was OK.

One evening I was doing meditation and felt very deeply connected with God Shiva. I felt a hollow pipe in my body breathing cool breeze. I stayed in that state for some time. I had headphone on and was listening to powerful songs of God Shiva.

From that day on, when I sleep at night my eyes focus in the middle of the eyebrows automatically, even if I resisted. My mind got fixated in the center of the scalp and I felt two halves of the brain joining there and pushing upwards. These feelings would wake me up. Soon after awakening the energy started developing from the center of the brain and creating pressure.

This had been going on for about a month. I inquired on the Internet and was advised to ignore and stay away from meditation. But that this advice did not work.

Some days I would sleep well because my body became more tired than my mind. I would feel good for two days and then it started all over again. My mind fixating in the center and generating energy, pressure developing in the brain, energy rotating in the brain and after hours, and hours, it would become moderate and the cycle would start all over again.

A few days ago, in my sleep, I had about four shocks in my spinal cord and my body arched. From that day on, I felt the same shocks at the back and center of my chest. For a couple of days I would develop pressure from the center of the scalp coming down all the way to the center of the eyebrows. After sometime, the pressure released and diverted to both sides of the eyebrows. It rotated in both sides, then my ears felt like opening up and I started breathing through the ears.

Then the energy would rotate the same way on the back side of the ears. Then it merged at the bottom where the spine starts, at the back of the head. This energy then entered into and moved upward. I felt like passing out and felt completely detached. My legs and arms would start shivering and my body would start sweating.

I opened my eyes and later the pressure would travel inside the brain and come in through the front . From there it started pulsating some channels on both the side of my eyes which connected to my throat. Eventually I could breath in though the front of the center of my chest. Part of the energy also went all the way up the back top of the scalp and I felt like something was dripping from that point.

I then would feel a cold breeze right at the back side of the spine and in the center of the chest. After a while, the complete pressure was gone from the head and I felt good again. But yesterday night (1 April, 2013) the fixation of my mind to the center of the scalp happened and the pressure started all over again.

When I called you I was going through severe head pressure and loss of many night sleep. I was depressed and did not know what to do. I came across your name from Google search Miguel and contacted you. You right away mentioned that you had came across many such cases and you could help me.

I felt confidence and compassion from your voice. I booked a session with you right away. I believe that this energy therapy can work on a person from any distance and with the right person like you, I could get healed. I also know that if one does not believe then this energy does not help much.

I started my first session with you believing in you. You understood my symptoms right away. You asked me to close my eyes and started changing my energy body, which I could feel right away. You gave me direction which was difficult to understand how to implement in the beginning. But I kept faith in you and kept on working the method, resolving my situation very quickly.

In few days I could feel changes occurring in me. You also answered a few emails of mine after the first session. You have positive and direct approach giving others positive approach which is much needed in the situation.

The second session was to clarify some questions, to get more guidance and to express to you how the changes had empowered me.

The process required my full participation, I kept faith, stayed positive and surrender to the occurring changes. After about 45 days after my first session, I am still going through a few things and working them out, but I am out of my worse kundalini syndrome situation.

Thank you again for your help Miguel.

If anyone wants to call me please ask Miguel for my telephone number in Canada. I will be happy to share my experience with you.

J. L.—Sacramento, California, USA Kundalini Syndrome (Distant Healing)

Since the beginning of 2010 I had been experiencing Kundalini Syndrome. I may have had this condition longer than I realize because in my early teens I started having combinations of sudden psychic awareness plus also many other mental & health challenges including bipolar disorder. Since mid-2010 I had been on medications for bipolar disorder since 2001. The medications only made things worse and in 2010 I started researching various forms of ways to resolve bipolar-disorder and started with using NLP & EFT-based approaches. Using NLP-style emotional clearing techniques I recall my Kundalini opening up and having violent body shakes, violent reactions to my medications, severe emotional swings, and quickly went into a psychosis which required three hospitalizations.

After a few months of being stable my emotions and depression returned severely and so I found TrueHope.com which does nutritional counseling and treatment for healing bipolar disorder. I had great success with them and was tapered off of my medications safely and then switched over to a Naturopathic Doctor who could treat the bipolar disorder and other health challenges I was having including candida albicans and severe lower-back pain using a similar approach plus homeopathy. We were having great success and I don't recall any Kundalini problems. After about six months off of my medications though, I started noticing a gradual increase in awareness of energies around me. And then in 2011 I felt very drawn to a form of shamanism called " Huna" as taught by the Bray Family Lineage. I have never felt more "called" to a spiritual path in my life than I was to Huna, and I still feel called to it. I started applying their techniques for clearing emotional hurts and trauma, limiting beliefs & limiting decisions, including the clearing of unhealthy thought-forms via a forgiveness process called "Ho'oponopono". I felt amazing after doing these processes and noticed a huge improvement in how I felt and was experiencing life. After about four months of using these processes though I was not continuing in my studies enough to learn about crucial Grounding techniques and in February of 2012 I started having many of the classic symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome, especially as they relate to when the "granthi" of the Root Chakra was first being pierced: visions, heat flashes, body shaking, spontaneous mudras, spontaneous chanting, entire days where I couldn't physically move and "lost" in a Samadhi trance, mood swings both pleasant and unpleasant, and more. Surprisingly, Huna doesn't have much of a teaching regarding Kundalini so when I talked with my teachers they said I should look into other paths for getting help grounding it because their grounding techniques weren't working, and they didn't know what to do.

Now, flash forward two years later I thought the Kundalini would have had finished its process, or stabilized on its own, but it didn't. It was rampant and I was still ungrounded with a combination of amazing spiritual experiences but also health & financial problems so severe they were life threatening. I had been out of work, and incapable of holding down a job for almost two years due to this reason. It was that bad. I didn't have a single day of rest from the constant fluctuations and instability of energy and was living off of food stamps and the generosity of family just to get by. It was very difficult, lonely, and depressing. During this time I sought MANY different people and MANY different therapies who tried to help ground the energy or bring it back into balance, including a Tantric Kundalini Swami skillful in Shaktipat, and none of them could bring me back into alignment. It was awful not being able to find anyone who could help me. Again, the experience had been both simultaneously amazing and life-crushing. I had been through at least four times now where I've had what people refer to as "The Dark Night of the Soul" where I'm almost left homeless, emotionally despondent, physically & mentally falling apart, heart-broken, and the energies literally control every facet of my being.

Finally, I came across Miguel's website and got in touch with him. I decided to see what he could do and was open to seeing how he could help me. During my first session he was able to align and balance the chakras that were not processing the energies correctly, clear some problematic blockages, and also teach me what I needed to know to keep my energy-system balanced with appropriate meditation & visualization techniques and insights into Kundalini that I never knew before. And how did it go? My results and improvements were phenomenal! Yes, phenomenal. Within a couple hours I noticed a dramatic centering I hadn't felt in a very long time. The next day I felt even better. We decided to meet up two weeks later for some fine-tuning of the work and some further instructions on chakra-balancing and how to keep them that way. Within a month I can say that the Kundalini energy now flows in a way that isn't disruptive. I've been able to keep the amazing benefits of my Kundalini Awakening without being ungrounded by it. The two sessions with Miguel were so easy and he's great to work with. He made everything very simple and easy to apply.

After years of working with many different people and applying numerous methods to end this Kundalini Syndrome without success the number-one person I would recommend to work with is Miguel. Furthermore, if you're involved in any kind of work as a healer, spiritual teacher, coach, doctor, or of the like, I would highly recommend having him train you in how to do what he does. More people need to know that these crises which Kundalini can produce can be safely realigned quickly and fairly easily, so people like me no longer have their lives thrown into panic and disorder, but rather enlightenment and empowerment. I encourage you to get in touch with him right away to see how he can help you thrive again.

J. W.—Lancashire, United Kingdom Kundalini Syndrome (Distant Healing)

At first I was skeptical to doing distant helping and took a "leap of faith", and now I see it as a wise choice, as Miguel's method and service has been the most effective approach to resolving the issues I was experiencing with Kundanlini Syndrome.

Over the course of 3 years I have spent thousands of pounds, on therapy, courses and even tried Ayahuasca several times. I'm by no means saying that I didn't get any value from this, but here is my point:

Miguel gives you all the information and a simple method to follow to overcome Kundanlini Syndrome. For me it was a case of "I wish I had found this sooner". It would have saved me a lot of time, money and pain. What you pay to Miguel, he gives you back 10 fold in value. What I respect about Miguel is that he "teaches a man to fish" and sets you up with all the tools you will require.

Other than, Miguel is a wise, kind and humble man. An absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you so much Miguel for helping me reclaim my life back!

K. C.—Corrales, New Mexico, USA Chronic Cough & Asthma

For as long as I can remember I have had allergies. These allergies were triggered by cats, grass, and pollens. I sneezed or had itchy eyes but I don't recall using any medications to cope with them.

I have had two nose surgeries for a deviated septum. The first surgery when I was 19 and the second one at 36. I didn't have any problems with my sinuses until I developed asthma at 34. My sinuses became inflamed and I had trouble with constant congestion and loss of my sense of smell. At the suggestion of an ENT (medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat) the second surgery was performed because he believed that the first one had failed. I was also taking allergy shots at that time, because I tested positive to everything on the charts. By this time my body was reacting to everything.

For almost 14 years I have been dependent on asthma inhalers, allergy medications and theophylline drugs on a daily basis. The asthma would flare-up around 1a.m. every night keeping me from sleeping through the night. I used a variety of natural and western therapies during that time but never experienced long term relief without the use of drugs―they were temporary at best.

Theophylline, also known as dimethylxanthine, is a drug used in therapy for respiratory diseases such as COPD or asthma under a variety of brand names. Due to its numerous side-effects, these drugs are now rarely administered for clinical use. As a member of the xanthine family, it bears structural and pharmacological similarity to caffeine. It is naturally found in tea, although in trace quantities (~1 mg/L), significantly less than therapeutic doses.

I was using my albuterol (fast acting inhaler) sometimes 3 times a day, which was not recommended. The recommendation is to be used for an asthma attack only and not on a daily basis―not designed as a maintenance program.

I also used steroid based inhalers as a maintenance program such as Fluticasone. High doses of inhaled steroids can predispose one to cataracts, glaucoma, and thinning of the skin and bones; bronchospasm (wheezing, chest tightness, trouble breathing); fast or uneven heart beats, restless feeling, tremor; fever, chills, cough with yellow or green mucus; stabbing chest pain, feeling short of breath; white patches or sores inside your mouth or on your lips; or worsening asthma symptoms. Less serious side effects include headaches, dizziness; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; dryness in your mouth, nose, or throat; stuffy nose, sinus pain, cough, sore throat; or hoarseness or deepened voice. Additional side effects can be worsening breathing problems, an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia), a very fast heart rate (tachycardia), high blood pressure (hypertension), anxiety, diabetes, and signs of an allergic reaction, including an unexplained rash, hives, itching, unexplained swelling, wheezing, or difficulty breathing or swallowing.

When I left my career in the gallery business to pursue my art career, my condition deteriorated. I tried removing foods from my diet, juicing, and various methods, such as acupuncture. I walked on a regular basis, but I was not practicing any yoga or breath-work.

After 14 years of struggling with asthma, sinuses and chronic coughing, which usually woke me up at night wheezing, I have found relief with Miguel's help. I am not using antihistamines, nose sprays, and maintenance or fast acting inhalers at all. For the first time, I am able to sleep through the night and have regained my sense of smell. If you can't smell there is a big gap in your life. Food doesn't taste the same and it is difficult to connect or associate the positive experiences with people you care about. It is vital to ones well being.

After Christmas 2007, Miguel did a crystal Shen Kung healing on me. The next morning I woke and felt fine but still had my usual symptoms. About 2:30pm I began to experience a fever. For three days I ran a fever and hurt all over. It was like a storm shaking my core. Things come out of my sinuses that I have never seen before.

Since that experience, I have not used my inhaler, I have slept without the coughing and wheezing and my sense of smell has returned. The combination of energy work, exercises and changes in my diet have brought me renewed health.

Miguel has helped me change my life through a series of methods. I have been practicing Chi Kung, breathing exercises and a change in diet. He also help me identify that chemicals and solvents used in my paintings. The solvent in the Johnson's Paste Wax irritates my respiratory system to the point where I can't smell it any more. Thereafter, it becomes a hidden hazard by continuing to damage the respiratory system without being detected. Once the wax is on the painting, the off gassing that continues after also goes undetected.

I was able to clearly identify the influence of Wheat and Soy Bean products as an allergy source. It produces a delayed allergenic reaction showing up the night after I ingested it.

I am so grateful for the healing work that Miguel shared with me.

S. M.—Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Brain Tumor

Client reports:

I have a Brain Tumor in the Right Frontal Lobe diagnosed as an Oligodendroglioma. On January 9, 2005 I had 3 (large) grand mal seizures and was admitted into the UNM Hospital. I had 2 MRI's and a biopsy on my right frontal lobe resulting in a cancerous brain tumor. The surgeon recommended Brain Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy. I have only had one dosage of chemotherapy and was taken off the chemotherapy as I wanted to see another Surgeon in San Francisco. Since then I have decided on alternative therapy only. They gave me 6 months to live.

After 2 Shen Kung Healing sessions she wrote the following email:

Miguel, When I arrived home I felt tired. Now after the session I feel invigorated and I feel great. Thanks Miguel, SM

Today, she is still enjoying her life.

C. M.—Cali, Colombia Kundalini Syndrome (Distant Healing)

Mi experiencia personal comenzó, en el año 2015, cuando comencé a sentir una uerte inclinación hacia la espiritualidad, a cuestionarme la realidad y a buscar un camino de encuentro personal con Dios. En el mes de diciembre de forma súbita, comencé a tener dificultad para conciliar el sueño, situación que se volvió crónica todo el año 2016, a pesar de que busqué ayuda en médicos alternativos y en la medicina convencional, mi trastorno del sueño no se corregía, por lo tanto mi salud física empeoraba, debido al cansancio y a la falta de un descanso reparador.

Soy enfermera y esta situación implicó dejar de laborar durante siete meses. En el año 2017 pude ubicarme laboralmente pero mis trastornos del sueño continuaron. Dormía de forma intermitente, pero no lograba descansar correctamente. Finalmente en el año 2018 me sentía agotada, sin ganas de vivir y atormentada por mi situación, así que decidí interrumpir mi ritmo de trabajo y pedir 2 meses de licencia no remunerada para tratar de encontrar mejores soluciones a mi circunstancia.

Busqué ayuda en Acupuntura, REIKI y Homeopatía, pero todos mis esfuerzos fueron infructuosos, así que rogué a Dios por ayuda porque esto superaba mis fuerzas. La ayuda llegó y una noche, sentí una fuerza que empujaba desde mi vientre hasta la parte superior de mi abdomen procediendo a realizar un movimiento ascensional por todo mi abdomen, finalizando en un fuerte dolor de cabeza, luego sentí que entraba en un estado de trance, visualizándome en un lugar fuera de mi cuerpo, sintiendo mucha paz.

Mientras todas estas experiencias psíquicas ocurrían, sentí un rocío de energía por todo mi cuerpo y una sensación de somnolencia que terminó en una noche profunda de sueño. A partir de ese momento el insomnio se corrigió y recobré el sueño todo el año 2018. Sin embargo finalizando el año, empecé a sentir estados de fatiga muy intensa, experiencias espirituales muy profundas y sensaciones físicas inexplicables para mí, como hormigueo en pies, sensaciones de calor y frío, sensibilidad en la espalda y ombligo.

Solo hasta este momento hice consciencia de que estaba viviendo el despertar de la energía kundalini (śaktipāta), situación que apenas comprendí ahora en el 2019 y que los 2 años de insomnio que padecí fueron parte de la elevación de esta energía.

Como no comprendía cómo manejar estas situaciones busqué nuevamente ayuda en terapias energéticas, las cuales no me dieron resultado, hasta que encontré la página de Miguel Sarria-Daly. Me puse en contacto con él y tuve la primera sesión de Shen Kung.

En esa sesión comprobé cosas bastante increíbles para la mente lógica y racional, cosas que rompen los paradigmas y nos invitan a vivir experiencias a otro nivel. Mientras que él hablaba conmigo vía Skype sentí como podía trabajar en mi propia energía ayudándome a elevarme a una sensación de bienestar, de dicha y de paz. Mi energía en cuestión de 30 minutos cambió por completo, pasé de estar físicamente agotada a sentirme fresca, viva y renovada.

Pude esclarecer muchas inquietudes frente al proceso de la kundalini, considero que Miguel es una persona abierta, con excelentes intenciones de ayudar. Pero sobretodo me permitió entender que no importa la distancia, ni los kilómetros que nos separen, la energía no está limitada a este tipo de parámetros, simplemente viaja a la velocidad de la luz, obrando en nuestro cuerpo de una forma inteligente y asombrosa.

Gracias Miguel, por aparecer en mi vida y ayudarme a entender que todas estas vivencias son la respuesta del universo para expandir mi conciencia, que debo confiar en la información que el universo y la vida me entregan. Realmente esta sesión me permitió confiar mucho más en Dios y en lo que me brinda este viaje de descubrimiento y por todo lo que me falta aprender, por lo tanto invito a otros a que confíen en él y en su sabiduría.

E. C. B.―La Habana, Cuba Kundalini Syndrome (Sanación a Distancia)

Soy cubana y tengo 22 años, hace unos 5 meses comenzó lo que sería para mí el proceso más difícil de mi vida.

Un día empecé a sentir vibraciones eléctricas muy fuertes en mi cuerpo que me paralizaban y no me dejaban realizar prácticamente ninguna actividad. Emocionalmente me desestabilicé muchísimo, y físicamente mi cuerpo estaba cada vez más agotado, tuve muchas noches seguidas de desvelo pues el desequilibrio energético no me permitía conciliar el sueño. Ésta situación afectó a todas las personas a mí alrededor, le causó mucho sufrimiento a mi familia y amigos, y a mí me hizo en algún momento perder la fe en la vida.

Obsesionada con encontrar una solución rápida y efectiva a mi sufrimiento pasé horas investigando sobre lo que me ocurría pues ningún médico daba crédito a mis síntomas, más que asociarlos a un trastorno psiquiátrico, pero yo sabía que no estaba loca.

Como resultado de esa búsqueda me encontré con el término "Energía Kundalini", el cual me aterró más aún en el inicio, pues me centraba en la información que lo asumía como algo extremadamente peligroso.

Al auto-diagnosticarme con "Síndrome de Kundalini" busqué posibles soluciones para éste, pero nada me resultaba útil en mi desespero. Finalmente encontré la página de Miguel Sarria y le escribí pidiendo ayuda. El respondió rápidamente y fue tan gentil que no me cobró un centavo por su labor, dada la situación económica que existe en mi país.

Al hablar con Miguel comprendí muchas cosas, comprendí el poder de las palabras y los pensamientos y también descubrí que todo lo negativo que me estaba sucediendo podía ser transformado en algo extremadamente poderoso y positivo. Él me ofreció herramientas prácticas para enfrentar éste proceso y me guio de la mano en su uso. Al practicarlas con constancia todo cambió, poco a poco recuperé mi equilibrio físico y emocional.

Hoy estoy mejor que antes de esa crisis. Asumo la responsabilidad de mi vida y sé que tengo la fuerza para seguir mi camino, escuchando la voz de mi alma. He perdonado y aceptado, y sé que tengo mucho trabajo por hacer porque el aprendizaje nunca termina. Pero crecer es muy emocionante y la libertad te hace cada vez más feliz. Muchos viejos patrones se han diluido y se revelan nuevas visiones más abiertas y tolerantes, los límites se derrumban cada vez más.

A Miguel le estaré eternamente agradecida por su sabiduría y su amor. Recuerdo que menciono que sólo yo podría sanarme, y en su momento esa idea me pareció gigante y lejana, pues me encontraba débil y vulnerable, necesitada de ayuda externa. Pero la comprensión verdadera trasciende los límites de la razón y yo realmente quería vivir, quería aprender, quería experimentar el regalo de la existencia, y gracias a ese deseo el conocimiento llegó como algo que te invade. Llegué a experimentar momentos de dicha y comprensión extraordinarias.

Recomiendo a cualquier persona que esté atravesando una situación similar a la mía que se abra a la oportunidad de dialogar con Miguel, su energía sanadora le ayudará a encontrar su propio camino de curación, él será un gran maestro. Usted debe estar abierto a recibir las enseñanzas, apropiarse de ellas y ponerlas en práctica para experimentar la vida que quiere vivir más feliz y conectado con su propio poder ilimitado.

Si desea consultarme sobre mi experiencia, le he dado permiso a Miguel de compartir mi teléfono; estaré encantada de apoyar a personas que, como yo, han vivido algo tan fuerte y transformador.

Gracias Miguel

G. B.—Valdarno, Florencia, Italia Sindrome di Kundalini (Guarigione a distanza)

Tutto iniziò nel notare minimi cambiamenti nel corpo. Lievi blocchi allo stomaco e ricorrenti mudra spontanei con le mani. Ciò non mi preoccupava affatto, anzi eri molto incuriosito da questo nuovo processo. Il tempo passava e avvenimenti sempre più bizzarri iniziavano ad accadere. Violenti spasmi e scuotimenti del corpo erano oramai aspetti fissi nella quotidianità, accompagnati da costante terrore e ansia. Il sistema digestivo era totalmente in tilt, continua stitichezza e diarrea. I blocchi allo stomaco erano diventati come massi, alle volte non riuscivo neanche a camminare.

Se qualcuno mi chiedesse se ho visitato l’inferno risponderei assolutamente di si, non vedevo via d’uscita, la mia vita era collassata. Lavorare,studiare e comunicare con persone era pressoché impossibile. Con un po' di forze rimaste feci qualche ricerca per una eventuale cura, già sapevo che si trattava della Kundalini syndrome.

Internet è pieno di ciarlatani senza esperienza che non offrono concrete soluzioni. Quando ho visto il sito di Miguel e ciò che offriva, ho immediatamente sentito una forte confidenza e sicurezza. Sapevo che ero nel posto giusto.Immediatamente prenotai una sessione. Dopo due giorni ci siamo sentiti via Skype. Miguel mi ha guidato attraverso un semplice processo.

Ero scettico, non capivo come fosse possibile curare una potente syndrome con metodi così minimali. Era l'unica via ,così diedi tutta la mia fede alla pratica e alla conoscenza di Miguel. Ho provato alcune difficoltà per le prime settimane, è ciò causó una perdita di fiducia e grande paura così da dover fissare un’altra sessione. Continuai ugualmente perché in fondo confidavo nella pratica.

Ad oggi non ho più scuotimenti il mio sistema digestivo sta tornando alla norma, i blocchi allo stomaco si sono armonizzati notevolmente. La pratica non è una medicina assoluta, mi aiuta a navigare con più tranquillità e consapevolezza lo splendo processo del Kundalini.

Ringrazio Miguel per la sua pazienza che mi ha assistito nei momenti più critici.

Se volete contattarmi per qualsiasi domanda o chiarimento chiedete il mio numero direttamente a Miguel.

G. B.—Valdarno, Florence, Italy Kundalini Sindrome (Distant Healing)

It all started with noticing minimal changes in the body. Mild stomach blockages and recurring spontaneous mudras with the hands. This did not worry me at all, in fact I was very intrigued by this new process. Time passed and many strange symptoms started to develop. Violent spasms and shaking of the body were now fixed aspects in everyday life, accompanied by constant terror, fear and strong anxiety. The digestive system was totally on a tailspin, constipation and diarrhea became my best friends. The blocks in my stomach had become like boulders, sometimes I couldn't even take a simple walk.

If someone asked me if I have visited hell, I would absolutely answer yes, I saw no way out, my life had collapsed. Working, studying and communicating with people was almost impossible. With some strength left I did some research for a possible cure, I already knew that I was suffering from Kundalini Syndrome.

The internet is full of fake information and inexperienced charlatans who offer no concrete solutions. When I saw Miguel's site and what he offered, I immediately felt a strong confidence and confidence. I knew I was in the right place and I immediately booked a session. After two days we met via Skype. Miguel walked me through a simple process.

I was a little bit scared and skeptical, I didn't understand how it was possible to cure a powerful syndrome with such minimal methods. It was the only way, so I gave all my faith to Miguel's method and knowledge. I experienced some difficulties for the first few weeks, so I decided to schedule an additional session to clarify some aspects. I persisted with the practice because deep inside myself there was a confidence.

Today I have no more shaking or trembling of any kind, digestive system is gradually becoming normal and the stomach blocks are getting milder. The blockages in the stomach have harmonized considerably. The practice helped me to gain confidence with the kundalini process, so that I could slowly make the necessary changes in my life.

Practice is not an absolute medicine, it helps me navigate the shining process of Kundalini with more tranquility and awareness.

I'm very grateful for Miguel's patience assisting me during my most critical times.

If you want to contact me with any questions or clarifications, ask Miguel for my number directly.

G. B.—Chesapeake, Virginia, USA Kundalini Sindrome (Distant Healing)

In 2017 my Kundalini awakened up into my Crown Chakra, and there was a period of time where I felt lost and confused. I felt like it was hard to do simple tasks like hold conversations with people. I felt like a shell of myself and I felt empty.

I contacted someone on the internet for help offering a solution, but it didn't work out. After this unsuccessful experience I went into myself the best way I knew how, and that didn't work either.

Until about May of 2021, I was looking online and I found the iChiKung.com website that Miguel Sarria-Daly had constructed. I was very skeptical at first, as this was not a typical website that I was accustomed to seeing. However I decided to give it a go.

After I read the details presented on iChiKung.com I decided to book a first session. I got on Skype with Miguel sometime in May 2021, and Miguel gave me tips and techniques on Meditation and a book to study and look over.

I have been in contact with Miguel since then, off and on, and it has truly helped me. The thing about Miguel I like is that he didn't "heal" me "per se", yet he gave me guided information and tools to follow to heal myself, hence the saying "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a Lifetime" or however it goes.

I am grateful for Miguel and what he has showed me about myself, and how my four (4) bodies work as one in complete coherence.

If you feel that you are experiencing Kundalini Syndrome I encourage you to give Miguel an opportunity to guide you back to health, as I truly believe we are all in this together.

If our healing sessions have effectively changed your life in a positive way, please make a donation. All donations are used to further educate the community on Integrative Health Care alternatives and provide solutions to those in need.

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