Metaphysics of Identity Creation

Integrative Chi Kung

Metaphysics of Identity Creation 4 Videos
by Mark England: Empowered Language Systems (ELS)

The Empowered Language Systems is a by product of observation. Since starting my private practice eight years ago I have had 1000's of single sessions and given hundreds of seminars about langauge and story work. What I found is that there are consistent underlying language patterns to peoples issues, hang ups, fears, and insecurities (my own included). And I also found that a major part of the solution was sitting right next to the problem.

Formally educating yourself about how your language influences your imagination and energy is an absolute game changer. Its a shift from being confused and disempowered to clear and capable. Even slight improvements in language usage can (and usually does) makes a big difference. Why? Because you will see it. And you will feel it.