The Marketing of Madness

Integrative Chi Kung

The Marketing of Madness

A documentary on the psychiatric drug industry. Here is the real story of the high income partnership between psychiatry and drug companies that has created an $80 billion psychotropic drug profit center

Did you know that TV drug advertisements are only required to mention some of its side effects?

In 1997 lobbyists pressure congress to relax the rule forcing to mention 100% of drugs side effects. This made possible the shower of TV advertisement we see today. TV advertisement went from $595 Million per year in 1997 to $4.7 Billion today, an increase of almost 700%. Estimate show that without TV advertisement, drug sales in the USA alone would decrease by $10 Billion Dollars.

Did you know that Prozac may have 1817, Zoloft may have 2194 and Paxil may have 2497 possible side effects?

Are you being represented in CONGRESS?

Watch out for online "Ask a doctor" type of websites that may be funded by drug companies but not easily disclosed. Also, be aware that drug marketing campaigns are practically everywhere.

Did you know that psychiatric survivors are successfully pursuing legal remedies for the crippling effects of psychotropic drugs? Since 2005 there has been 50,000 individual product liability and personal injury law suits filed against drug companies for damage cause by psychotropic drugs, and average of 34 suits per day.

Educate yourself and open your eyes!