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Curative Properties of Honey and Bee Venom N. Yoirish

For centuries honey has been regarded as a wonderful gift of nature in which the properties of an excellent food, beneficial alike to adults and children, are combined with medicinal properties. Ancient Russian manuscripts attached great importance to honey as a medicine. Popular medicine has successfully used it for many diseases from time immemorial. The results of experiments and observations made by the medical science in recent decades have proved that honey is an important medicine possessing many-sided therapeutic properties.

Honey is very effective in the treatment of some pathological conditions of the intestinal tract, the respiratory organs, the heart, and the nerves. The knowledge that bee venom possesses medicinal properties has come down to us from remote antiquity. Written evidence as well as the observations of many beekeepers and our own long experience confirm the effectiveness of been venom in the treatment of rheumatic fever, neuritis and some other diseases.

Honey and bee venom treatment must be carried on under the supervision of a physician and can be made a component part in a complex of curative measures for many diseases.