The Grounded

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The Grounded ~ Steve Kroschel, Director

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The movie The Grounded is an independent feature film about the power of connecting to the Earth's healing energy. Produced and directed by master filmmaker Steve Kroschel, The Grounded tells the story of his personal discovery of the benefits of Earthing and how it affected him and others in the small town of Haines in the rural wilderness of Alaska. Groundbreaking, heartfelt, and inspirational, The Grounded will leave you looking at nature, our Earth and the very ground beneath your feet in a whole new way!

Some Scientific Evidence

Regular grounding can help relieve symptoms of inflammation and pain. A small pilot study involving 12 subjects was able to indicate that grounding the human body during sleep (often with a piece of metal connected to a wire that is connected to the ground) reduced night-time levels of cortisol and re-synchronizes cortisol hormone secretion to be more in alignment with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm profile. In one instance, medical thermal imaging was used on a 44-year-old woman suffering from chronic back pain. Images were taken before and after being grounded while sleeping for 4 nights. The images showed reductions in inflammation and the woman also reported, a 30% reduction in pain, 70% reduction in the pain interfering with her sleep, 30% reduction in morning stiffness and soreness and after 4 weeks of continuous grounding while sleeping, she reported an 80% reduction in pain, no sleep interference and by 8 weeks she reported that her back pain was gone altogether. Sure, that is one instance, but in all honesty, it is such a simple thing to do if you are skeptical and suffering from pain, at least it's worth a shot?

Another study also showed how when grounded the diurnal rhythm of the stress hormone, cortisol, actually begins to normalize. Researchers examined the diurnal rhythm of cortisol after sleeping grounded and found a normalization of the rhythm. In addition, the participants of this study reported that they slept better and woke up feeling refreshed.

Grounding also improves your circulation, which aids in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body, which includes better blood flow to the face. These findings were the result of a study that used a laser speckle contrast camera to quantify blood flow to the face after one hour of grounding.