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A+ for USA people trusting their Government 6 Videos
Do you remember one of the last Pandemics?

Deals with the pros and cons of the use of DDT, investigating its history, environmental impact, various roles as an insecticide, military weapon, safeguard against tropical diseases, and more.

Techniques of space spraying for insect control over large and small areas, both indoors and out, and shows various types of power-spraying equipment. Shots include: airplane spraying, mosquito larviciding on pond, fogging in neighborhood at night, and more.

Historical clips on DDT, Rachel Carson and science explaining why humans pollute. Video put together for the MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London.

Demonstrate both the extreme popularity of DDT as well as the decline of DDT after Rachel Carson published her famous book, Silent Spring.

Vietnam's Toxic Legacy: This episode investigates claims by doctors in Vietnam who believe that agent orange is causing life threatening health problems for a whole new generation of children. The toxic herbicide was dropped on Vietnam by US forces during the war over 40 years ago.