The Cholesterol Myth

The Cholesterol Myth
by Dr. Eric Berg, DC

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For almost a century, we were made to believe that cholesterol is the main culprit of heart attacks. Now that research and science have advanced, the claim has now gone down into a myth. The 1950 study on the correlation between fat consumption and heart attack is nothing more than just a mere manipulation of data. Countries with high-fat consumption but low heart attack rates and low-fat consumption but high heart attack rates were left out. Thus, how can that show the real relationship between fat and heart attacks?

Alzheimer's Solved: Condensed Edition by Henry Lorin

Author/dentist Henry Lorin watched helplessly as his wife's father developed Alzheimer's disease, while his own father did not. The two men were the same age and very similar medically, except for one key health factor.

Dr. Lorin then spent years studying all the medical research, utilizing the clues and insights gained from his family's experience. The result? He is able to show that this one factor is the true key to Alzheimer's. Dr. Lorin's book reveals that factor and the simple steps needed to prevent the disease.