Why Modern Wheat is Toxic to Your Health

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Why Modern Wheat is Toxic to Your Health ~ William Davis, MD
Learn why Gluten Free is a mistake!

Here is a series of six videos of a lecture of Dr. William Davis, author of the bestseller, The Wheat Belly. This video shows that modern wheat is a Frankengrain, that is toxic to your body, and actually contains elements classed as an opiate. Furthermore, although the globalist media and government doesn't tell you, wheat products such as even whole wheat bread, raise your blood sugar more than table sugar! In fact, it has twice the glycemic index (the amount of raising blood sugar) than does typical ice cream! This is a fact, yet, the government keeps telling us that whole grains are good for us, but that sugar is bad!

Take the time to watch these videos, research the topic, it is vital for your health, your mind, your energy.

To break the addiction of wheat in your diet it is important to truly understand the facts about wheat so that you will be super motivated! Watch these videos, pay attention, replay the parts of the video that you might not understand at first.

This video can save your life and that of your loved ones!

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Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – David Perlmutter

In his latest book, neurologist Perlmutter (The Better Brain Book) declares war on a common foodstuff, attributing a bewilderingly wide assortment of maladies to the consumption of gluten, a substance found in bread and other stock foods. Contrasting modern humans against idealized humans of the distant past, Perlmutter concludes that the former, whose average life expectancy at birth is about twice that of their Paleolithic ancestors, have gone off the proper track.

He addresses the churlish objection that gluten has been part of the human diet for many millennia by firmly asserting that recent changes to crops have transformed a once-safe food into a terrible scourge. The book features health advice, a number of gluten-free recipes, and details on some relevant case studies. Lauded by such nonconsensus pundits as Mehmet Oz and William Davis, Perlmutter offers readers a comfortably simplistic model for thinking about carbs. Agent: Bonnie Solow, Solow Literary Enterprises.

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health – William Davis

Dr. William Davis is responsible for exposing the incredible nutritional blunder being made by "official" health agencies: Eat more "healthy whole grains." The wheat of today is different from the wheat of 1960, thanks to extensive genetics manipulations introduced to increase yield-per-acre. Founder of the international online program for heart health, Track Your Plaque, his experience in thousands of participants uncovered how foods made of wheat actually CAUSED heart disease and heart attack. Eliminating wheat yielded results beyond everyone's expectations: substantial weight loss, correction of cholesterol abnormalities, relief from inflammatory diseases like arthritis, better mood--benefits that led to prevention of heart disease and diabetes, but a lot more benefits in other areas of health.